Best Minecraft Challenge Maps 1.16 (July 2022)

Best Minecraft Challenge Maps 1.16 (July 2022)

Minecraft Challenge Maps puts you up against other players in unique game-modes. This can involve making changes to Minecraft’s mechanics or playing multiple mini-games. Some maps may require multiple players, but not all. Are you confident that you can beat your friends and score the most points in these mini-games?

Best Minecraft Challenge Maps List

These maps have been selected for their critical content, such as playability, popularity, and rating. All the maps below are compatible with version 1.16. As time passes, more maps will be added. Keep checking back often to see new challenges and maps that are worth jumping.

The Shortlist

Here’s a summary of the current Challenge Maps. Stay tuned for more updates!

Snow Dodge

Map Creator: Dogery – User Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 – Download Page

This crossover of dodgeball and hide-and-seek is where you throw a snowball at the hiding people. Throwing snowballs can turn them into snow blocks, making it more difficult for people to dodge. This map can be used to bring in a multiplayer server to have fun with friends or to settle disputes among factions. To shake things up, level up your play by purchasing cosmetics and customizing your game options.

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Super Steve Bros

Map Creator: TheBlueMan003 – User Rating: 3.8 / 5.0 – Download Page

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This map is for single-player challenges. Tap into your memories of playing on an NES by playing Super Mario levels recreated in Minecraft. In this creative play on the game’s view mechanics you can control Steve from a distance to smash Goombas and kick Koopas and reach the flag in the level. You’ll have plenty to do with this game, which has over 30 levels and eight worlds. If you’re lucky enough to find the right items, you can make your Steve into a Super Steve.

Super Voxel Party

Map Creator: Origin_MC – User Rating: 4.0 / 5.0 – Download Page

Grab three friends to play with you in this Minecraft version of Super Mario Party! The remake of Super Mario Party is faithful to the original. You will need to get the most stars on the map and compete in mini-games. You can choose from 40 different types of mini-games. You don’t have to play the entire game, but you just want to play mini games.

Sky Scapers

A screenshot of a minigame in Minecraft.A screenshot of a minigame in Minecraft.

Map Creator: Team Scripted – User Rating: 4.1 / 5.0 – Download Page

Sky Scapers is a tower defense game that requires you to blast Elytra-equipped people out of the air. You can play this map with up to three players, and one for single. While we found the free-for all game-mode to be most rewarding and challenging, Seekers Vs. Scapers was perfect for target practice. The more players you have the better this game. This game can be added to your multiplayer server.

Pumpkin Party Remastered

A screenshot of pictures with minigames in Minecraft.A screenshot of pictures with minigames in Minecraft.

Map Creator: Plagiatus –  User Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 – Download Page

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Similar to Super Voxel Party, Pumpkin Party Remastered pits you against several other players in a selection of six mini-games. This challenge map was released in time for Halloween. Each mini-game has been improved upon and perfected from the original. This game is endlessly replayable and will keep you entertained no matter what your goal may be.

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Map Creator: Szinton – User Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 – Download Page

Boom. Is. AWESOME. Your friends and you are placed on floating islands. The challenge is to get them off the map using your explosive inventory. You can get different power-ups or items to suit your playstyle, and you can change many settings. There are 14 maps to choose from, but you should try them all. You’ll be hooked on this game and will keep coming back for more.

Notes on Challenge Maps

  • If you need help figuring out how to install mods and maps in Minecraft, please check out our guide to Install Mods!
  • Nearly all Challenge Maps can accommodate multiple players. These maps are often called Challenge maps, as they introduce new game modes that you may not have used before. These two facts may not be guaranteed. You might find yourself on a single-player map that uses a different game mode than you are used to. Let the game run naturally and have some fun!
  • Please comment with any additional maps you would like to see.

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