Best Minecraft Builds

Best Minecraft Builds

Minecraft has been around over a decade. Minecraft players have spent hours, months and years building some of the best buildings around. These aren’t just impressive castles or houses. These creations are massive works of art that surpass the boundaries of Mojang’s production.


Screenshot by Sapphire Studios

Sapphire Studios created this build in 2019. It was part of an online contest on Planet Minecraft called “Preserving World Heritage.” Sapphire Studios decided to use the Notre-Dame-de-Paris as their project base due to it being destroyed earlier in that year. They created detailed blueprints of the cathedral in order to make it look as real as possible. You can view their plans for the project. speed buildYou can also download the creation from their YouTube channel.

The Kraken’s Lair

Image via Planet Minecraft

One of the most interesting and complex underwater Minecraft designs. This was Nakkuru123’s very first Planet Minecraft project. Nakkuru also has many other incredible pieces that players should look at if they get the chance. The Kraken’s Lair is a map that features a gigantic underwater scene filled with manta rays and sunken ships. Explore this mapExperience life as a krill.

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Cyberpunk Project

Screenshot via Elysium Fire

Elysium Fire built Night City from scratch, a detailed version that was released prior to the game. Elysium Fire used the detailed map released by CD Projekt Red as a guideline to create this Minecraft alternative. Minecraft players who want to experience cool sci-fi in their Minecraft can. download this mapIt is easy to explore. It is heavy due to its sheer content and can cause Java edition to crash.

Agnoia Frieden

Image via Varuna Builds

Chloriz originally built this build to put it on Varuna Builds. This piece, as described, was built around the idea that a city could become overgrown and be reimagined in Mother Nature’s image. The city was completely covered in vines, moss and weeds. This full render includes a massive statue of a face and several demolished buildings. Although this map is not available as a download, players can still explore it using the screenshots and 3D viewer.

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The Uncensored Book

Image via BlockWorks

This is one the most controversial, but also most interesting builds you can visit. The Uncensored library is a huge build designed to give everyone free access to the truth regardless of whether or not their government has made it available. Minecraft players around the globe were able access the library on the World Day Against Cyber Censorship. They could also read banned articles in the library’s books. Reporters Without Borders has still made this project available. visit today.

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