Best Minecraft Build Challenges

Best Minecraft Build Challenges

Over the past decade, Minecraft players have been challenged to build all kinds of buildings, from castles and mansions to boats and homes. Mojang’s Minecraft Education Edition has introduced its own challenges for both young and old players.

There are some building challenges that are more interesting than others. Let’s take a look at our top five favorite Minecraft build challenges.

Pixel Portraits Challenge

Image via Mojang

Pixel Portraits are a simple build challenge. Players are supposed to make a large 2D pixelized portrait of themselves/friend/family/celebrity/etc. It is not a difficult task to capture the person being illustrated, but rather a general idea.

Consider this a challenge where players can transform into the 8-bit characters they played in indie RPGs. They can also create custom emojis. Because this challenge is so open, players can create many more guidelines within it.

Architectural Build Challenge

Image via Mojang

The Architectural Challenge is a simple way for players to challenge their architectural skills. You can choose from any time period and attempt to imitate it using Minecraft’s materials. From Roman amphitheaters and temples to Gothic cathedrals, and Islamic mosques.

This is especially fun if you do it in groups. You could have a group of players build a city based on a particular architectural style. This encourages players to experiment with new building styles and to create organic shapes with blocks.

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Comic Book Build Challenge

Image via Mojang

The Comic Book Challenge requires that a player or more players team up to create a page or several pages. Each page must have a scene that spans a few panels. The story should be told. Players have the option to take screenshots or place each page in their world as a huge storybook.

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The build challenge expands on the portrait challenges concept and adds full scenes in 3D or 2D depending on the player’s preference. You can either create your own comic, or you can copy one from the library and make it your own. If you are willing to dedicate the time, this can be a more long-term task.

Character Study Creates Challenge

Image via Mojang

Players must choose a favorite character to take on the Character Study Build Challenge. They will then have to design a home for them using their unique characteristics. This build can cover many of the other challenges due to the large number of characters available. It is possible for players to use any culture or time period.

You could also build a house for a character you have created. Players should not make a simple box in this instance. You want to create a real home for your character, and make it a place that they will love to live in.

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Physics Coaster Build Challenge

Image via Mojang

It should not be difficult to build a roller coaster using the game’s mining mechanics. But players can take on the challenge of building their own thrill ride. To see if they have achieved the desired effects, players can use the mining carts to ride their coaster at the beginning or end.

There are many educational options available for each of these building challenges that players can access if they so desire. For those who are just looking for ideas, these challenges may be a good choice. To find other building challenges, players can head over to

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