Best Minecraft Boot Enchantments

Best Minecraft Boot Enchantments

If you are looking for the best boot enchantments in Minecraft, we recommend first starting with feather falling. Feather falling is a special enchantment unique only to boots that will allow you to take a reduction of fall damage when falling. 

With each variation of an enchantment, the bonus to fall injury reduction increases. If you also have enchantments such as protection, fire, blast, and projectile protection, it will also add to the total fall damage reduction you can get.

Feather falling is a top-rated enchantment for boots. Another enchantment that we recommend is depth strider. 

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Depth strider, a unique enchantment, allows players to move faster underwater. This can be helpful when searching for clay or other underwater materials. You can also combine it with a respiration helmet to become practically a fish in Minecraft. 

Although you can use frostwalker and soul speed as well, they are not as useful as the other enchantments. The reason why is that you won’t find yourself walking on frosted ice, which frost walker makes it easier and faster to transverse, and the same goes for soul walker.

It is made by the Soul Walker, which allows players to walk faster on soil and soul sand. Overall, these enchantments can be useful, but not as helpful in all situations. 

These boot enchantments are not the only ones that are useful. The following enchantments are great additions to any boot.


Mending, a useful enchantment, will give you the ability to use your experience to repair your item. We recommend it for any item or tool you own. 

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Unbreaking is a wondrous enchantment for any item, as it increases durability and will help you keep using whatever item it’s on. It’s worth it to add it to any weapon or other item you intend on using often.

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