Best Minecraft Anime Texture Packs

Best Minecraft Anime Texture Packs

Minecraft can look beautiful without any modifications. But sometimes, you want to make it more appealing. It’s easy to upgrade your Minecraft experience with anime-style shows such as Demon Slayer, Horimiya and Studio Ghibli.

Our guide to the Best Minecraft Anime textures packs will help you transform your Minecraft world to an anime-inspired fantasyscape.

Hafen Texture Pack

The Hafen texture pack makes Minecraft look more anime-inspired with its vibrant and simple graphics. Hafen is the best choice for those who want modern action anime. It features bright colors, high contrasts and enemy designs that really stand out.

This pack changes the colors, scenery, and enemies of Minecraft. Pink and crimson colors make Endermen seem more exotic, while Ghasts’ blue and green tentacles make them look even more alien. This pack shines when you create structures. The castles look like something out of a Ghibli movie. For anime fans, this is inspiring stuff!

Download the Hafen Pack here.

Majestica Texture Pack

Majestica is a darker and more broody pack with a bright edge. It also features classical UI styling. This pack is ideal for dark fantasy and wondrous anime worlds. It has gold edging around the item panels, and overall a more magical feeling.

Little Witch Academia is the first show I thought of when I saw this texture pack. This would make it easy to create ancient wizard towers or witch colleges. This texture pack is perfect for any fantasy or medieval world.

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Get the Majestic Texture Kit here.

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Nico RTX Realistic Japanese Anime Textures

With this realistic texture pack, you can transform your Minecraft world into an anime-inspired Japanese city. This pack is perfect for anyone looking to create a small slice of Tokyo in Minecraft.

This pack is perfect for school romance programs or My Hero Academia. This kit includes everything you need to create modern Japan. Only thing that is missing is a 7-11 ready-made!

Grab your Nico RTX Japanese Realistic Textures here.

Demon Slayer Resource Pack

Demon Slayer – Kimetsu yaiba has become a worldwide sensation in the animation world and released one of the most recognizable animated movies of all time. You wouldn’t want a Demon Slayer in Minecraft.

This pack does not transform all items. Instead, it converts some items to familiar Kimetsu No Yaiba characters and equipment. Zombies become Yahaba and Susamaru, while armor transforms into familiar clothes, such as Iron Armor, which becomes Tanjiro’s outfit. Weapons also become Demon Slayer weapon. You can combine this pack with any of the other above to get full effect.

Click to become a Minecraft Demonslayer here.

Anime Meme Resource Pack

The Anime Meme Resource Pack (the cheapest of all the packs) is the most serious. It puts anime memes into your Minecraft games. You can transform Axolotls in Aqua from Konosuba or Iron Golems in Titans from Attack on Titan.

While it won’t make your game experience any better, it is fun for a laugh. The install is well worth the effort to harvest Raphtalia Ingots and learn Manga enchantments.  

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Grab all the Anime Memes You Can Handle here.

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