Best Minecraft Ancient City Seeds for Bedrock and Java

Best Minecraft Ancient City Seeds for Bedrock and Java

Minecraft’s Wild Update has finally introduced the Ancient City to the game. This underground structure, which generates randomly below -0, contains many secrets, including Skulk, items and the terrifying Warden mob. These are the best new seeds for the Minecraft Ancient City Java edition.

Best Minecraft Ancient City Plants List

  • Java 1.19
    • Jungle Outcrop: -1880293469868761828
  • Bedrock 1.19 (Note : Bedrock seeds can be used in Java but create structures in a different way)
    • Desert of Conflict: 7946293441700138673
    • Dripstone City – -5199312259677311412

Best Minecraft Java Ancient City Plants

Cave to the City

Screenshot taken by

The base of a mountain is home to a huge cave that leads deep underground, through lush caves and dripstone, and finally to an Ancient City beneath the surface. Surrounding the area is one of the more impressive looking mountain ranges we’ve encountered in-game. And there’s a lot of interesting elements nearby your spawn.

Seed: -5126719842098578561

  • Key Locations
    • Cave entry: 127, 517
    • Village: 332,  -849
    • Ruined Portal: 100-890
    • Ancient City: 120, -50 ,-640

Glacial Guardians

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Seed: -7987742358295810744

This Ancient City is protected by an icefield. As you dig down, you’ll struggle through a Mineshaft which rewards you with valuable spoils in the minecart chests. Although there are hidden treasures throughout this barren landscape you will find the true treasure deep beneath the surface.

  • Key Locations
    • Open Lush Cave – 23, 134
    • Ocean Ruin on Surface: 334, -183
    • Mineshaft: 419, 46, -754
    • Ancient City: 336,-33, -697

Jungle Outcrop

Screenshot from

Seed: -1880293469868761828

The center of the vast jungle is dominated by badlands and a lonely mountain with a flat top. But where are the tunnels and caves that lead down? The Ancient City is the obvious choice. Gving you great access to starting resources, and a nicely secluded area, you’re able to create your distant outpost here in the midst of a jungle clearing, before tunneling down into an Ancient City.

  • Key Locations
    • Ancient City: -272, -45, -624
    • Ruined Portal and Village: -491, 979
    • Bamboo Jungle: 550, 495
    • Ruined Portal – 902, 645
    • Savannah Village, Plateau: 1809-561
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Best Minecraft Bedrock Ancient City Sesame Seeds

(Note: If you have the Bedrock/Windows edition, it may be necessary to turn on Wild UpdateYou can make an experiment in the options menu to ensure an Ancient City is generated. These seeds were created with Wild Update Experiments enabled.

Badlands Sanctuary

Screenshot taken by

Seed: -6778246788154565662

This is actually the default seed you’ll get if you specify an Ancient City biome when you create your world in Bedrock edition. You will find the spawn in a vast Mesa/Badlands biome that is bordered by forests and jungles. This is an unusual starting point. However, there’s an interesting secret. An Ancient City lies just 120 blocks from X, 0, Z, 0. On your way down to discover the Ancient City, you’ll encounter lush caves, and plenty of resources. The vast, open darkness of Deep Dark. This is a great place to start for anyone looking for Ancient Cities.

  • Key Locations
    • Ruined portal 8/312
    • Desert Temple: 229, 152
    • Ancient City: 120, -5, 120
    • Lush Cave: 134.30.111

Dripstone City

Screenshot taken by

Seed: -5199312259677311412

Dripstone City is an ancient town that has been connected to a cave made of dripstone. This gives the area an additional terrifying feel. It is covered in a huge, snow-covered collection of biomes. First, there’s a snow-covered forest and then the plains and finally the mountains. The Ancient City is located below one of the many mountain ranges.

  • Key Locations
    • Jungle Temple: -808, -392
    • Ruined Portal: 632, 296
    • Village: -904, -232
    • Ancient City: -344, -30, 120
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Triple Portal

Screenshot from

Seed: 4146286689878733572

Spawning next to a vast ocean with limitless potential on the horizon, you’re blessed with three very close Ruined Portals and quick access to the Ancient City. You’ll find villages and other features scattered around the area, giving you quick access to many types of wood, stone and other materials. This is a great “classic“ Minecraft seed, starting you in a basic biome, and surrounding you with gradually more unusual areas.

  • Key Locations
    • Ruined Portal 1 : -394, and -290
    • Ruined Portal 2 – -884, 364
    • Ruined Portal 3 : -277 101
    • Village: -400, 60
    • Ancient City: -694, -34, -264

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Desert of Conflict

Screenshot from

Seed: -7946293441700138673

In this vast desert, there are instant conflicts between villages, Pillager Towers and Temples. You should not spawn within sight of one Tower as another is just a few meters away. This is one of the most populated deserts you’ll ever find! But below all this is one of the largest and most sprawling Ancient Cities we’ve encountered. Skulk can rise almost 40 blocks from a cavern buried beneath a mountain range. Some parts of this Ancient City have Slime Chunks to make it even more dangerous!

  • Key Locations
    • Pillager Tower: 416, 77
    • Village 1: 319, -351
    • Village/Temple/Pillager Tower combo: 351, -707 
    • Megavillage: 630, -885
    • Ancient City: 1115, -32, -1035

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