Best Minecraft Admin Server Commands and how to use them

Best Minecraft Admin Server Commands and how to use them

July 4, 2022 Off By

Server commands are available in Minecraft to allow server owners to modify and change different settings within their Minecraft worlds.

Some commands can change the time of the day, while others can disable some aspects that players might want to change.

This page lists some of our favorite server Admin commands and those we think are most unique and useful in the game. Minecraft Administration Server Commands ListWhat it does. How to use it./gamerule disableRaids trueThis command will turn off raid events that involve mobs attacking villages in Minecraft/gamerule advertiseAdvancements falseThis command disallows chat announcements about achievements in Minecraft/gamerule playFireTick falThis command will disable your server’s insomnia mechanic and stop Phantoms spawning in your server. /gamerule disableDaylightCycle falseThis command will stop the game’s day-night cycle and keep your current time in place. The gamerule doDaylightCycle false will cause the day and night cycles to be disabled. It will also stop mobs like Endermen or Creepers from destroying or grieving any blocks within the game. This command will alter the spawn distance of players on your server.

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