Roblox can be spiced up with music. It can make it more enjoyable to play new games or complete missions, and even provide a relaxing environment for you to relax. You can find a list of love songs for those who are looking to express their feelings.

What are Music ID Codes?

Music Code IDs can be viewed differently than traditional Game Codes or Promo Codes in Roblox. Music code IDs, ten-digit numerical numbers that allow Roblox players listen to their favorite songs, are ten-digit codes. Our article will provide instructions on how to use Music ID Codes. here.

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Love Song Music ID codes

  • 3005 – Childish Gambino: 6094268040
  • All of Me – John Legend 140596838
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis 2639009563
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love (Cover) Twenty One Pilots 215054187
  • Snow Patrol: 265973891 Chasing Cars
  • Crazy in Love – Beyonce: 2525021359
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen: 4580873734
  • Feel Me – Selena Gomez 507443530
  • God Only Knows – The Beach Boys: 5005623795
  • Levitating – Dua Lipa: 5215548352
  • I Want to Hold Your Hand – The Beatles: 4600141104
  • Just Like Heaven – The Cure: 5119432976
  • R U Mine Arctic Monkeys: 2927079316
  • Style – Taylor Swift: 6272750873
  • Sugar – Maroon 5 : 221896283
  • Thinkin’ about You – Frank Ocean : 142358836
  • Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran: 4902795295
  • Mariah Carey: 2286955156
  • What Makes You Beautiful? – One Direction: 140596838

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