Best Light Sources in Minecraft

Best Light Sources in Minecraft

Over the years, Minecraft saw many amazing improvements in the lighting department. The days of a torch as the only source of light are gone.


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The torch. This is an old favourite that is still used as the main light source in the game. It is extremely cost-effective and does its job.

Torches can come in many forms, so you don’t need to place them on the ground or wall. You can get creative. For a hanging torch effect, you can place it on a wall.


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One of the newest additions to Minecraft is the Lantern. They look fantastic and are available in two variations: the classic yellow Lantern (Lantern) or the blue Soul Lantern (Lantern).

They can be hung from the ceiling or placed on the ground. You can also use chains to hang lanterns at different heights.

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Most lamps are light sources that were created by players. People used their imaginations and creativity back in the day to create street lamps or other lighting that brightened up their homes.

One idea was to use a square, glowstone-colored light block and put it up high. The lamp can then be surrounded by decorative items like trapdoors, fences, gates, buttons, and so on.

Floor Lights

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Another similar idea is to light up the floor. The idea of creating a glass floor within your home was born out of lava leaking under the ground. It was cool, and we’ve all been there. This idea was later reformulated with a great interaction with carpets.

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You can put a light source block—like glowstone or a torch—on the ground and cover it with a carpet to make the area bright. The light source is hidden behind the carpet. You can match it to enhance the effect.

End Rods

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End Rods can be used in a wide variety of ways, but they are an unusual light source. They can only be found at the End. End Rods are used by many players to make industrial lighting or standing lamps. Combine End Rod with Dragon Egg to create a stunning lamp (shown in picture above). Because of its white color, it can also be used as a lamp in a laboratory or factory.


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Another light source in the game is fire. It is not something I like to use all by itself. However, if you combine it with your building skills, you can create a decent fireplace which will light up your whole blocky house.

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