Genshin Impact: Best HP Restoring Foods

Genshin Impact: Best HP Restoring Foods

Genshin Impact’s late to early game will require you to use food as a source of health to survive combat and boss fights. This is especially true for the late game where you might find it more difficult to survive challenging bosses or late-game missions. You will find below a detailed list of food items you can purchase in the game to recover HP. 

Best Food Restoring Products for HP


Below are some recipes and food items that you can either make at your campfire or buy in stores. Many of the ingredients needed to make these foods can be found in the same places that the recipes. You will need to venture out into the wilderness to find certain ingredients.

Soup with Bamboo Shoots

  • Restores up to 30% Max character health, up to 790 HP per 5 sec for 30 seconds
  • It requires three pieces of meat, two hams, and one bamboo shoot
  • Ver Goldet is available for 5k mo at Wangshu Inn

Wanmin Restaurant’s Baked Fish

  • Restores up to 34% of max Health and regenerates 980 HP every five seconds for a chosen character.
  • To make three fish, one Jueyun Chili, one salt and one violetgrass, you will need to have
  • Obtained from Chef Mao, Wanmin Restaurant 5k mora.
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Skewer made of chicken-mushrooms

  • Maximum health recovery of 9% and maximum HP up to 1000
  • To make, you will need one raw chicken and one mushroom.
  • You are already available at the beginning of the game.

Golden Shrimp Balls 

  • Revivifies characters and can heal up to 1200 HP
  • To make, you will need five shrimp, four potatoes, three flour, and three eggs.
  • Attained rep level 1 in Liyue 

Grilled Tiger Fish

  • Maximum character health of 10% and maximum 1200 HP restored
  • Makes 1 fish, 1 pepper
  • Once you have reached adventure rank 15, they can be purchased at Wanmin Restaurant for 1250k Mora or ten from Chen The Sharp in Liyue Harbor for 380 Mora.

Nutritious Meal 

  • Revivifies characters and restores max health up to 20% and maximum HP of 1500
  • To make, you will need one crab roe and one ham.
  • After reaching adventure rank 12, you can get it by completing the food delivery service commission.


Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake

  • Revivifies characters and restores up to 1200 HP
  • To make, you will need one crab roe and one ham.
  • It is possible to get it by completing the Food Delivery Commission.

Matsutake Meat Rolls

  • You can restore up to 24 HP and 1500 HP.
  • Makes two matsutake, two raw meats.
  • Two can be purchased at Wangshu Inn each day for 1775k Mora

Mondstadt Hash Brown

  • Maximum character max health restored up to 34%, and healing up to 1900 HP
  • Requires two pinecones and one potato. Also, requires one jam.
  • Obtained by completing the domain Temple of the Wolf, which can be unlocked once you reach adventure rank 15.
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Puppy-Paw Brown Hash Brown

  • Restores 40% max health, and gives you 2350 HP.
  • To make it, you will need two pinecones and one potato.
  • Obtained by completing the Domain Temple of the Wolf. This domain is unlocked when your reach adventure rank 15.

How to cook food in Genshin Impact

You can make a dish from a recipe by using a stove or campfire to combine the materials. Side note: You will need to start cooking once you have a recipe. To get started, use the stove or campfire’s fire capability.