You might be frustrated if Roblox isn’t working right now. You wanted to play! You can still play Roblox while you wait.

Animal Jam

WildWorks image

Roblox users who love Adopt Me and Animal Jam will find it a great option. The MMO is animal-based and allows players to create their own animals and interact online with others. This game is popular with young gamers, much like Roblox.


Image via Mojang

Minecraft is a popular video game, and you may be familiar with it. Roblox-like, this sandbox block-based sandbox game shares many similarities with Minecraft. From the blocky characters to the simple world design to the high degree of complexity in the world.

Sims 4

Image via EA

The Sims 4 is a great choice if you like character customization and building. This simulation game offers a world where you can build your home, business, and create families.

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Image via TrionWorlds

Trove is a pixelated, sandbox video game similar to Roblox. It features elements from classic RPG games that Roblox players like Vesteria and RPG Simulator will enjoy. You can choose your class and attempt to get a legendary weapon.

Lego Worlds

Image via Warner Bros.

Lego Worlds is another sandbox entry. It offers players the opportunity to build and live in a familiar setting of the Lego universe. This title may bring back memories for Roblox players who grew up playing with Legos.

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