Best Fortnite Skin Combos

Best Fortnite Skin Combos

Fortnite has had many unique skin designs over the years. Some were completely new, while others were based on fan-favorite crossovers. You can find the perfect combination of skins and items in the Battlepass shop or in the V-Bucks store.

Pro and everyday players have both found these top combos to be their most sweaty mains. Check out these top skin combinations if you are looking for a new main in Fortnite. You can recreate these skin combinations with your own skins, or you could buy some in the shop.

Flower Aura Combo

Screenshot via Fortnite Youtube

  • 800 V-Bucks for Aura (Uncommon).
  • Sun Sprout – 200V-Bucks (Uncommon).
  • 1200 V-Bucks (Rare), Gold Crow Shadow Pickaxe Pack 1.200

Aura is a popular Fortnite skin and it is easy to match with other skins thanks to its red and golden accents. Aura is a great combo skin because it’s affordable and can be easily swapped out for other styles. The Shadow Pickaxe Pack only has the Gold Crow. It is a modified Crowbar. You can use the regular Crowbar instead.

Kor Wings Combo

Screenshot via Fortnite Youtube

  • Chapter 2: Season 8 Battlepass, 950 V-Bucks. (Epic). Kor
  • Shattered Wings – Monarch’s Level Up Quest Pack 1,200V-Bucks Shadow
  • Hot Dogger – 800 V-Bucks (Gaming Legends)

Kor is a great skin that’s available during Chapter 2 Season 8 Battlepass. It comes in many styles and pairs well with other accessories making it one of our favorite skins. The Shattered Wings are perfect for her white and golden styles. You can get the Monarch’s Level Up Quest Pack at the shop. The Hot Dogger pickaxe is a cross-section item from the Resident Evil collection that can be paired with this look.

Lucky Dynamo Combo

Image via Fortnite

  • Dynamo – 1,200 V-Bucks (Rare)
  • Rainbow Clover – Lucky Rider Outfit 1,500V-Bucks (Epic).
  • Driver – 500 V Bucks (Uncommon).

Dynamo, one of the more obscure skins, often flies under radar but is still one of my favorite skins because of its unique outfit in many colors. Although the Rainbow Clover looks great with the green accents of the skin, it is more expensive as it must be purchased with the Lucky Rider outfit. The Rainbow Clover can be used in many other combinations, so it might be worth the investment. Finish the look by adding a simple, but well-fitting pickaxe like the Driver.

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Incinerator Kuno Combo

Image via Fortnite

  • Incinerator Kuno – Magma Masters Pack $14.99 (Lava)
  • Cryptic Outfit 1,200 v-Bucks (Rare).
  • Spellwork Scimitar: Chapter 3: Season 2 Battlepass – Marvel

If you don’t already have the items, this combo can be very expensive. This combo is worth it, as it includes all matching lava-styled lava items. It will make your character look ten times better. The Magma Masters Pack includes the Incinerator Kuno, but it can only be bought with real currency. You will still find many cool Lava skins and accessories included in the pack. Although the Incinerator Kuno set looks great, you can also combine her with the Spectral Spine orange and Dr. Strange’s Spellwork Scimitar can be used to create a fiery look.

Katana Lara Combo

Screenshot via Fortnite Youtube

  • Lara Croft Chapter 2: Season 6 Battlepass, 950 V-Bucks. (Gaming Legends).
  • Michonne’s Katana, Michonne Outfit 1,800 V Bucks (Epic).
  • Gaffi Stick – 800 V-Bucks (Star Wars)

Lara Croft is one of my favorite skin types, with her rich style and dark color scheme. You can create the ultimate adventurer skin combination by grabbing Michonne’s Katana, the Gaffi Stick and the Star Wars Set. The Katana is so perfect with the outfit, it almost seems like they were meant to be together. The Gaffi Stick can be switched out for Michonne’s Katana to use the pickaxe, but the Gaffi Stick adds an earthy touch.

Spectral Skeletara Combo

Image via Fortnite

  • Skeletara – 1,200 V-Bucks (Rare)
  • Cryptic Outfit 1,200 v-Bucks (Rare).
  • Reaper – 800 V-Bucks (Rare)

Skeletara, one of Fortnitemares’ most beloved skins, makes for some great combos thanks to her glow-in the-dark neon accents. Although her set includes great accessories, the Spectral Spine takes this skin to a whole new level. For only 800 V-Bucks you can get the Reaper pickaxe and the back bling from the Cryptic Outfit.

Gold Midas Combo

Screenshot via Fortnite Youtube

  • Midas – Chapter 2: Season 2 Battlepass 950 V-Bucks (Legendary)
  • Gold Token – Wick’s Bounty Challenges (Legendary)
  • 1200 V-Bucks (Rare), Gold Crow Shadow Pickaxe Pack 1.200

Even though Midas was not available in Chapter 2, it is still a very popular skin. Because of its interchangeable styles and gold accents, it’s a great skin for combos. Midas and the Gold Token make a great combo, but it is almost impossible to obtain it if you don’t have it. The Gold Token can be traded for other gold back blings. The Gold Crow can be used to complete the golden combo, or you can swap it for something simpler such as the Driver or Harley Hitter.

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Leviathan Sirens Combo

Screenshot via Fortnite Youtube

  • Siren – 1,200 V-Bucks (Rare)
  • Leviathan Axe – 1,000 V-Bucks (Gaming Legends)

Siren quickly became one of the most loved sweaty skins ever since its release. Its neutral tones and unique characteristics make it a great choice for many combinations. The Leviathan Axe is a great pickaxe option, but it looks amazing with Siren’s Noir style. This creates an icy cool combination. Add some back bling to make it your own, or go for the classic look.

Lucky Zadie Combo

Image via Fortnite

  • Zadie – 1,200 V-Bucks (Rare)
  • Rainbow Clover – Lucky Rider Outfit 1,500V-Bucks (Epic).
  • Harley Hitter – 800 V-Bucks (DC)

Zadie is another outstanding skin. She has a tactical camo, masked look, and three different styles. These make for some great combinations. Rainbow Clover is a great green pop to go with Zadie’s Jungle style. The Harley Hitter is great for adding bling to the back, especially when used with Zadie’s default skin. Both accessories look great with any Zadie style and make an awesome sweaty combination.

Custom Superhero Combo

Image via Fortnite

  • Boundless Set – 1,800V-Bucks (Legendary).
  • Any Pickaxe

Due to their huge potential, the Boundless Set’s custom Superhero skins are quickly becoming a favorite choice for combos. You can make some amazing combos with them because they are customizable in terms of their colors and costumes. You can take your pick from the available skins, customize it, and then pair it with your favorite pickaxe.

These are only a few of many popular combos in the game. There are so many skins and accessories that you can choose from. Comment below to share your favorite combinations!

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