Best Colorblind Settings for Fortnite

Best Colorblind Settings for Fortnite

Although it might seem obvious that Fortnite players should be able to use the Color Blind Mode settings according to their condition, Fortnite’s competitive scene actually makes use of the Color Blind settings to give them an advantage over others.

It is possible to make it easier to spot other players from afar and see in the storm by adjusting the Color Blind Mode or Color Blind Strength. While the human eye varies from person to person, many pro players find that Protanope mode at strength 5 – 7 works best.

Fortnite Color Blind SettingsFortnite Color Blind SettingsImage by Pro Game guides

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Each player has their preferred settings. You can adjust the Color Blind Mode and Color Blind strength, as well as the Brightness, User Interface Contrast and Color Blind Mode. These settings help players spot opponents in dark shadows, make weapons of different rarity pop on the screen and many other things.

Fortnite is accessible to color blind players. It’s amazing, however, that some players will exploit these settings for a competitive advantage. However, Fortnite is just like other competitive activities where players are determined to gain every advantage they can.

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