There are many slick cars available to choose from. Roblox Jailbreak that it’s hard to decide where to first spend hard earned in-game cash. We’ve provided arguments for some of our favorite cars, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference. You won’t regret choosing from this list. Pun intended.

Roblox Jailbreak’s Best Cars

These are the most desirable cars that you can get in Roblox Jailbreak. These cars are not currently available.

Not all Jailbreak cars are great. However, there is not one “best”. Many of these decisions fall under each individual gamer’s playstyle, so it’s important to try out many of the great cars Jailbreak offers to determine which one you like best.

Model 3

Jailbreak Model 3Jailbreak Model 3Image via Jailbreak Wiki

Beginner players who are looking to purchase their first vehicle at a reasonable price should choose the Model 3 and skip the Pickup Trucks and the Deja. The Model 3 is a great value for money, as it has many advantages over the Deja and Pickup Truck. It retains the Pickup Truck’s four seating capacity, but outperforms it in nearly every other stat. The Deja is a good all-around vehicle. The Model 3 is the best choice for early car buyers.

Price: $16,000

Location: Badimo charging stations: Bank, Jewelry Store, and Train Tunnel 2


Roblox Jailbreak PatrolRoblox Jailbreak PatrolImage via Jailbreak Wiki

Patrol is a motorbike with high performance that many players love to ride. Its acceleration and top launch make it a great bike to handle. It’s also got some of the best off-roading Jailbreak offers, which opponents will find difficult to keep up with. Because of its maneuverability, police can make quick cuts to get criminals caught faster. For criminals, escapes are easy if they have the Patrol.

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Price: $45,000

Location: Town (Gun Shop 1)


Roblox Jailbreak CybertruckRoblox Jailbreak CybertruckImage via Jailbreak Wiki

The off-road car is inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. It makes players feel more like cyberpunks. The Cybertruck can transport six players at a stretch, which is great for players who often team up. Its speed, braking and off-roading make up for the lack of reverse speed. A large team can transport players anywhere in Jailbreak.

Price: $75,000

Location: Parking lot beside City Gun Shop (Gun Shop 2)

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Roblox Jailbreak LamborghiniRoblox Jailbreak LamborghiniImage via Jailbreak Wiki

The Lamborghini’s incredible speed matches the asking price. Though some players might see $100k as rather steep, others might consider it a budget entry toward premium Jailbreak cars. The Lamborghini’s stats, while close to the top in all categories, are not as good with acceleration or off-roading. The Lamborghini will not be taken to the mountains by players, but it will be cruising the roads in style.

Price: $100,000, 99 Robux (to Rent)


Roblox Jailbreak DeloreanRoblox Jailbreak DeloreanImage via Jailbreak Wiki

The Delorean is a hybrid of flying and driving. But its most appealing feature is its hover function. This vehicle can hover over any body or water, and it is capable of driving anywhere on the ground. The Delorean’s impressive top speed makes it a formidable challenge for aircrafts and watercrafts. Oh, and the nostalgic Back to the Future vibes are an even bettter bonus.

Price: $175,000

Location: Power Plant


Roblox Jailbreak RoadsterRoblox Jailbreak RoadsterImage via Jailbreak Wiki

The Roadster is an expensive car, but it’s worth saving up for a better car. Its got the fastest launch in Jailbreak and a near-equal acceleration, which makes other players sweat to catch up within short-to-mid-range distances. Players have an immediate advantage with this lightning-quick escape vehicle, which ensures a quick victory as long as they can match their driving skills.

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Price: $600,000

Location: Badimo charging station near the bank.

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