Breathing Styles Demonfall serve as a way for players to have the upper hand in fights against demons—without them, the demons would be unmatchable. These Breathing styles can be learned to trainers by the Demon Slayer Corps, who then teach them to the players. This guide will break down the tiers of the most learnable breathing styles in Demonfall.

S Tier

  • Sun Breathing
    • Sun Breathing is a little out of the question as the Breath of the Sun, which is the source of all Breathing Styles, is Sun Breathing. However, its power is so extraordinary that it deserves to be the first item on this list. Sun Breathing is capable of doing an inordinate amount damage, as well as a guard break that’s extremely powerful and an infinite combo ability. You can also use its passive attack to burn anyone you meet in combat.
      • Tanjiro can be learned.
  • Moon Breathing
    • Moon Breathing is almost the same as Sun Breathing. Therefore, the same reasons are used to place tiers.
      • Learn through Kokushibou
  • Insect Breathing
    • Although it may take patience and a lot of time to master, insects breathing is possible. Once you master it, you’ll be able to use some powerful moves. Insect Breathing has a unique PvE and PVP stats that make it one the strongest Breathing Styles in Demonfall. This style passively poisons all those you attack.
      • Shinobu is available for learning, but you will need 10 000 in-game currency.

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A Tier

  • Flame Breathing
    • Because it is not too complicated or difficult to use, Flame Breathing makes a great beginner’s Breathing Style. This style is simple and offers a great range. It also allows players to break through enemy blocks, which can be extremely helpful. Flame Breathing’s passive attack is similar to Sun Breathing, which uses a fiery sword that leaves enemies with an extended burn.
      • Rengoku can be learned.
  • Mist Breathing
    • Although Mist Breathing excels in PvP, it is also able to hold its own in many other battle styles. Mist Breathing has a similar range to Flame Breathing. It also offers heavy combo attack damage and good range. While it is lacking in passive attack damage it makes up for it in overall damage output.
      • Tokito is an option.
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B Tier

  • Water Breathing
    • Water Breathing is almost as good as Mist Breathing and Flame, but it still falls behind. It offers a remarkable 15% regen when it successfully lands attacks on enemies. However, the lack of range means that this ability is largely void of power. Water Breathing is a strong style option that offers powerful combos and allows you to escape purgatory.
      • You can learn Urokodaki, but you will need two thousand in-game currency.

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C Tier

  • Thunder Breathing
    • Thunder Breathing provides a passive enemy stun when you hit certain moves. However, the number of auto-locks and blockable attacks make it less effective than other options. Although it isn’t a bad Breathing Style, it isn’t the best.
      • Learnable through KujimaIt takes four thousand in-game currency.

D Tier

  • Wind Breathing
    • Although this one is not shocking, Wind Breathing ranks at the bottom. While it’s not inherently bad, it does offer some damage to players and allows them to walk faster. But, when compared with the rest of Demonfall’s Breathing Styles, it doesn’t last.
      • Grimm can be learned.

This is our Tier List. Let us know what tier you are in the comments!

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