Sometimes you just want to listen to some music while on Roblox. This could be songs you want to sing with friends, or just something to enjoy alone. Roblox offers Music ID codes to help you accomplish this! Find out how to redeem codes, and how to obtain the code for Masked Wolf’s Astronaut in The Ocean.

How to redeem music ID codes

To play Astronaut in Roblox with an ID Code, you’ll need to find a game which allows you to use music. Catalog HeavenRoblox’s most used game for testing Song ID codes is this one, although there are many others. After you have found the game that you want to enter the code in, locate the boombox and equip the device. Now, you can enter your code and start playing music!

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Astronaut in the Ocean – Info & ID

Astronaut in The Ocean is a Masked Wolf song. The song was first released in 2019. However, it became popular on TikTok in 2020-2021 after a re-release. This unique song is not associated with any particular genre.

Ocean Song ID Code: 6422642623

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