Archero Tier List (July 2022) (Hero, Weapons & Equipment!)

Archero Tier List (July 2022) (Hero, Weapons & Equipment!)

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Are you looking for Archero Tier ListWant to learn more about Heroes and Weapons? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ve put together all the Archero Tier List 2022 information to get to know Heroes, Weapons, Abilities, and many more.

Archero, an arcade-action game that was launched in 2019, is a great one. The game features many archer characters. There are some that are free and others that require real money. It is based on a storyline that includes different stages where you must play as an archer, and fight every enemy and monster who crosses your path.

You will receive many weapons to fight your enemies. Waves of enemies will come at you, so you need to avoid their attacks and strike them repeatedly. As you play the game, the archer will improve his skills and abilities. The Archero game can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store. Google play storeAndroid version 5.0.0 and higher is required.

We have divided the characters into eight categories.

Recent Update – 8th July 2022


Archero Tier List | Best Hero in Archero List >>

Shade and Sylvan are the two most important heroes of the group SS. They are the strongest and most likely to win the most battles. Ophelia, Ayana, and the rest of group S+ are some of the most famous heroes. They are almost as good as the SS tiers in many ways. The best highlighted hero in group S are Meowgik & Helix. These heroes are capable of winning the game.

Rolla, Phoren and Phoren are the best performers in group A. The sound suits the context of the game.

Onir is the main character in group A. Bonnie is the most important hero of group C. In his own way, he’s an average hero. D is Urasil, Shari and Shari are two of the most prominent characters in the group. These heroes are not the norm. Atreus is one example of group E’s heroes. These are the weakest characters of the game.

Archero Tier List 2022 May List – Best Weapons >>

Archero Tier List (Weapon)TierDominion of the DamageAttack Speed
Stalker staffSS100%115%
Death ScytheA45%85%
Saw BladeB80%150%
Brave BowC100%100%

There are currently six different weapons in Archero. While each weapon has their own unique benefits, as well as drawbacks, we can all agree that some are more effective than others.

Clearly, the critical thing here is that it’s a lengthy (and costly) road to leveling up your weapon, and doing that with the incorrect one (the one you have at the highest level), will set you back so much later in the game that we decided to give you a full guide about the weapons with our clear recommendation on which weapon you should use as your primary weapon.

Gale Force – Archero Tier List >>

This crossbow-inspired weapon was released with the 2.30 upgrade. It actually has an unusual special ability and an additional meter. Initially, it wasn’t that clear how strong the Gale Force actually is but with a few months in Archero it turned out to be quite powerful. It is now the most powerful weapon in Archero because of a recent speed change.

Brightspear – Archero Tier List >>

  • Pro – Hardly misses
  • Pro – Highly effective against everything
  • Con – No truly epic or unique effect

New players, in particular, don’t like the slow attack rate, but you almost won’t miss any strikes because the projectile is hitting all the weapons at high speed, basically instant. The unique epic effect increased damage on similar targets, you won’t get that much benefit but Brightspear is already strong enough that it doesn’t need to be strong. If you don’t use it now, work on it to use it in the future, you won’t regret it!

Stalker Staff – Archero Tier List >>

Pro: Projectiles chase enemies
Pro: Effective against all types of opponents
Con: Doesn’t work on older devices

This was a close one with a disclaimer – if you use an older device and have performance issues, you should not use it as it can slow down your device, cause lag and harm you. can deliver. If your equipment can handle it, it’s definitely the second strongest weapon in the Archero with a projectile that’s slow but follows the target, especially when paired with talents that give you extra projectiles or ricochet, it’s a beast that will fill you a room with a projectile.

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Here’s one thing I really like against enemies who accuse you. The best thing to do is wait until the projectile glows before you walk away. This will keep projectiles grounded and will be effective against charging enemies.

It takes some time to master this skill, but if you do, you’ll find yourself a lot more effective and I personally love playing with the stalker staff!

Death Scythe – Archero Tier List >>

  • Pro: Massive damage
  • Pro: 50% Chance to kill enemies <30% HP
  • Con: Sloooow

This is likely to be a favorite of new players, but don’t confuse damage with DPS (damage per second)! This weapon is slow, although it does great damage. There is also the possibility of knockback and execution. It deals massive damage but doesn’t do it very fast and if you miss, you’ll find yourself in a less effective spot really fast.

Overall, Death Scythe epic ability ranks it so high on the list for me because there’s a lot of 50% chance of executing enemies instantly, especially against enemies that really bother to kill – but keep in mind that it’s slow. And I personally don’t enjoy it for the reason it has a lot of viability.

Saw Blade – Archero Tier List >>

Pro: It’s fast and it doesn’t miss
Con: You need multiple shots

It was a surprise to me when I spoke with legendary players about the weapon. Some even said it is their favorite.

Breaking it down, it stands to reason that it’s a lot of fun to play, but you need to acquire talents that will reward you with extra projectiles or you’ll miss out on the required splash damage for this weapon. It’s a little fiddly, but talent can make it more effective.

If you run a chapter with only a few melee enemies, it will really shine, but I don’t see it as a weapon you should go with as your primary weapon in Archero.

Tornado – Archero Tier List >>

Pro: Effective against swarms
Con: Unpredictable

Tornado is interesting because you can take extra damage along the way when the blade comes back, great because it can greatly increase your damage output – but it’s also bad because it gives you more “randomness” to your runs Will give If you have a good run with lots of returning losses, you will do very well if not, you will fail very much. For this reason, I can’t rank Tornado any higher as the weapons mentioned above are far better and more consistent.

Brave Bow – Archero Tier List >>

It’s really sad to see that the Archero’s Signature Weapon is also the worst weapon on this tier list… stats are average and the bow isn’t really anything bad or good. Loss output refers to loss output, which can be measured and does not have any special abilities that contribute anything. It’s the only weapon you really don’t want to pay any attention to…

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Archero Ability Tier List – Archero Tier List 2022 >>

Here i provide you Archero SS Ability Tier List

Tier – SSSlow Projectile
Tier – SSRage
Tier – SSWingman
Tier – SSRicochet
Tier – SSFront Arrow
Tier – SSStar of Invincibility
Tier – SSAttack Speed Boost
Tier – SSMultishot
Tier – SSExtra life

Archero Tier List 2022 – Archero Tier A List >>

Tier – AHeadshot
Tier – ABolt Strike
Tier – AToxic Strile
Tier – ARear Arrw
Tier – AShield Guard
Tier – AFire Strike
Tier – APoison Touch
Tier – ABlaze
Tier – ABotl

Archero Tier List 2022 – Archero Tier B List >>

Tier – BPoison Circle
Tier – BFrost Strike
Tier – BFire Circe
Tier – BFury
Tier – BGrace
Tier – BStrong Heart
Tier – BHoly Touch
Tier – BBloodthirst
Tier – BFreeze
Tier – BSide Arrows

Archero Tier List 2022 – Archero Tier C List >>

Tier – CFire Sword
Tier – CIce Circle
Tier – CSummon one-eyed bat
Tier – CBolt Circle
Tier – CPoison Sword
Tier – CShadow Clone
Tier – CChiling Blast

Archero Tier List 2022 – Archero Tier D List >>

Tier – DWater Wlker
Tier – DSmart
Tier – DDeath Nova
Tier – DBolt Meteor
Tier – DSpirit Front Arrow
Tier – DBolt Sword
Tier – DBolt Star
Tier – DSpirit Crit Boost
Tier – DGiant
Tier – DSpirit Poisoned Touch
Tier – DSpirit Bolt
Tier – DSpirit Attack Speed
Tier – DSpirit Freeze
Tier – DBlazing Star
Tier – DDeath Bomb
Tier – DIce Sword
Tier – DSpirit Diagonal Arrow
Tier – DSpirit Multishot
Tier – DSpirit Blaze
Tier – DFrost Meteor
Tier – DToxic Star
Tier – DThrough the Wall
Tier – DBlazing Meteor
Tier – DSpirit Attack Boost
Tier – DFrost Star
Tier – DToxic Meteor

Archero Tier List 2022 – Archero Tier S List >>

Tier – SDiagonal Arrows
Tier – SAttack Boost
Tier – SAgility
Tier – SCrit Master
Tier – SPiercing Shot
Tier – SHP Boost
Tier – SDodge Master
Tier – SDwarf
Tier – SBouncy Wall

Archero Hero Tier List >>

TierHeroUnique Ability
Tier – SSMeowgikMeowspirit
Tier – SSHelixFury
Tier – SSSylvanElemental Attack
Tier – SPhorenInferno
Tier – ARollaFrost
Tier – BTaranisThunderstorm
Tier – BBonnieDark Shadow
Tier – COnirAurora
Tier – CUrasilVenom
Tier – DAtreusUnknown

Archero Pets & Spirits Tier List >>

  • Scythe Mage – Tier 3
  • Laser Bat – Tier 1
  • Flaming Ghost – Tier 1
  • Living Bomb – Tier 3
  • ELF – Tier 2
  • Noisy Owl – Tier 2

Archero Tier List Of Characters >>

You will find all information regarding archero characters here.

Shade – Archero Tier List >>

Shadow is a female character that is extremely harmful to ground units. Her basic attack is 170, and her overall health is 550. There are two kinds of shadows. Shadow form increases his stats, including speed, attack, dodge, and speed. That’s why she strikes fast on enemies and also dodges the attacks coming from their side. He can do up to 135 Dark damage to enemies and gets Dark Power in his normal form. You can easily change the appearance of your character at any time. It will take only seconds.

Ayana – Archero Tier List >>

Ayana, which costs 2,500 Gems, is the most expensive character in this game. Because of her mind control skills and teleporting skills, she is very useful and proves her value. Ayana is able to seduce her enemies before destroying them with a thrashing. This enchantment can apply to enemies after 10 seconds. It can also be used against new enemies. Ayana’s heroes are usable at levels 20, 40, 60 and 80. These buffs increase Ayana’s damage attacks, and she does more damage to distant enemies and aerial enemies.

Meowgik – Archero Tier List >>

Meowgik, another free-to play hero, costs 1,800 gems. This means you don’t have to buy him with real money, just your gems to make him playable for you. Meogic uses his special abilities to summon cutesies to defeat enemies. These cats are able to scout their targets and act as homing missiles. If a demon is in their path, they can kill it as well. Mew Spirit increases your manager’s damage by 2.95. Meowgik can amplify and dodge attacks at different levels.

Sylvan – Archero Tier List >>

Sylvan, the most expensive character you can buy, costs $19 USD. He comes with 600 base health strength & Almost 160 base attack. Sylvan’s special ability allows him to trigger an elemental effect to attack opponents with poison, thunder, flame, or ice. Poison Touch does maximum damage and allows Sylvan to fight more enemies. These skills and abilities make him an excellent utility player.

Helix – Archero Tier List >>

Helix is ​​a free-to-play character that costs 1,500 gems. Helix is one of the most powerful heroes in Archero. Max Attack for Helix is ​​125 and Max HP is 620. Fury is a unique fighting skill that does extra damage to his opponents. Helix can then deliver powerful, critical strikes to his enemies and becomes extremely strong once he has reached level 40. Helix can heal himself through taking damage from his opponents once he reaches level 40.

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Archero Tier List 2.0 – Best Armor >>

There is a clear choice in armor:

Vest of Dexterity – Archero Tier List >>

This armor adds 7% dodge, which is why it is so useful in every situation, in every room throughout every chapter. This armor will increase your chances of avoiding being hit and avoiding the attack. Keep in mind it’s not 7% of the dodge you have, it’s the 7% of the total dodge that adds up so you’ll basically dodge every 14th hit you get.

You also get 20% healing from red heart, which is great and can help you gain extra health. The special ability to deal lightning-splash damage to nearby enemies isn’t the best, but it can be helpful when you face a room with multiple melee enemies. It does splash damage, so it is good. Best armor, no doubt here.

Phantom Cloak – Archero Tier List >>

The Phantom Cloak only adds +10% projectile resistance (unlike the Bright Robe which adds +12% to all attacks, including melee), it is significantly “weaker” than the Bright Robe. It’s still strong, but not as strong.

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It’s actually a strong package adding +20% healing of red hearts and freezing and damaging enemies that attack you, which also counts for enemies. It’s still a powerful armor, and it is about the same level here as Bright Robe in terms of overall power. However, I find it a little stronger as all abilities work well.

Bright Robe – Archero Tier List >>

It adds +12% damage resistance (that’s for projectiles and melee attacks) which means you’ll take 12% less damage when hit and you’ll get Battle XP faster with it. It’s not as strong as the maximum battle XP you’ll gain in any chapter and run anyway, just speeding it up won’t make you stronger in the end.

You will see an increase in your overall HP for each level you upgrade it. I would love to see this robe replace the Battle XP bonus with additional healing from Red Hearts.

Golden Chestplate – Archero Tier List >>

This is a relatively new game, so I was confident it would be strong. It is +5% in total damage resistance and has +20% Bright Robe and +20% healing from Red Hearts. Nearby enemies’ flames aren’t as strong because you want to stay away from enemies and burning them adds damage over time instead of direct damage like you have with the Dexterity vest. It’s still a very useful and sturdy armor. But there are better alternatives.

Void Robe – Don’t Use >>

Poisoning all the enemies in the room might seem powerful on paper, but that poison isn’t really strong and takes a long time to last. The +10% reduction of collision damage is laughable and useless. You will take a lot of damage even if you hit an enemy and it doesn’t change 10% at all. +20% healing from Red Hearts is the best, but it’s something you also get from upper armor.

Shadow Robe – Don’t Use >>

It’s also a brand new armor and it’s not too bad. The damage reduction comes from the behind, and you only get a slight HP buff. This ability does not deal any damage to enemies nearby, but it is still useful. This cover should not be used.

Archero Tier List 2.0 – Best Rings >>

You can make two rings. I will show the tier ranking for all rings first, then let you know which combination is more powerful.

Pay attention! None of the rings above are “useless”, they all bring decent gains to the table, but some are a bit stronger than others. Still, I wouldn’t consider one of them useless, although the Falcon Ring is only powerful in certain places.

Archero Bull Ring – Archero Tier List >>

Numbers 1 & 2 are too close together. I have divided them by the thickness of my hair. Bull Ring has the slight advantage of being flat, +10% damage reduction, and does more damage to all mobs. And you know that there are many mobs in Archero. This ring is extremely powerful and must be used.

Archero Lion Ring – Archero Tier List >>

It’s really close, as I said. It inflicts more damage on bosses and increases critical damage by +20%. It is a powerful ring that can be used in any situation.

Archero Serpent Ring – Archero Tier List >>

This ring increases damage to units within range. However, +7% dodge applies to all attacks. It is very powerful, as I explained above when I talked about armor in Archaro. It is a powerful ring, but it ranks number 3 for me due to the extra dodge.

Archero Wolf Ring – Archero Tier List >>

Wolf Ring increases melee unit damage and gives you +5% critical chance. While more critics are useful (and this applies to all enemies), there are always melee opponents. The reason I see the Serpent Ring stronger is because the Dodge is more powerful, but there’s no question about whether it’s still a useful ring.

Archero Bear Ring – Don’t Use >>

The only reason it isn’t the least useful ring is the reason Archero has more ground mobs than air mobs, but +5% HP is not a game changer and I don’t recommend you put much effort into fusing Give. Flatten the ring.

Archero Falcon Ring – Don’t Use >>

Like the Bear Ring, don’t use it. +5% attack speed isn’t much (assuming your weapon’s attack speed is 1 second, now you’ll get 0.95 seconds. That’s almost nothing) and there aren’t many air rushes where you take extra damage.

Archero 2.0 Best Ring Combinations >>

To reap the full benefits of each, you need to mix them well. Here are three combinations that make sense.

Why not have a double-ring combination instead?

Archero requires you to fuse your equipment. It would not be easy to fuse a ring that is epic or legendary. It’s almost impossible to do this with two so mixing and combining different people is far more effective!

Archero Bull Ring + Lion Ring >>

You get a significant damage boost against bosses as well as mobs. This combo is ideal for any enemy, except spikes or saws in he ground. You also get more serious damage and damage reduction – it’s the go-to combo.

Archero Snake Ring + Wolf Ring >>

This combination of rings is Archero’s second best. It will give you an extra damage boost against melee or ranged units, including bosses. This combo is powerful because it gives you extra dodge and high critical transform.

Archero Bear Ring + Falcon Ring >>

This combo gives you an additional damage boost against enemies. It combines increased damage against air and ground units (including bosses). However, the extra HP and attack speed is not as strong as the ring combinations above.

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Archero Tier List Best Locket 2.0 >>

When it comes to their effectiveness in Archero, locks are quite impressive.

Agile Locket – Archero Tier List >>

Agile Locket It is difficult to choose between Angel Locket or Agile Locket. However, I believe Agile Locket is the best option. If your HP drops below 20%, you’ll have a greater chance of not suffering a lethal strike. You will also live longer. This is very useful and will greatly increase your life expectancy in Archero.

Angel Locket – Archero Tier List >>

Let me tell you, this is my second most powerful locket. You can instantly revive the invincible if you die. Sounds very powerful but you can’t count on it and the chances are less than 5%. The thing is that with Agile Locket you will stop dying with every run whereas Angel Locket will work here and there but you can’t expect it to work. Agile Locket is my first choice.

Blood Thirsty Locket – Archero Tier List >>

This update was released in 2.30. It will create a bloodshed effect if you lose 20% of your HP. It’s nice to see some extra healing that will get you back on track but as soon as you gain over 20% HP, that effect goes away again. You should place this locket underneath the Angel and Agile locksets. They will protect you from continuous damage and can help you to recover. Gaining 21% health won’t help much, but it’s a good thing if you can fuse it.

Bulletproof Locket – Archero Tier List >>

If you have less than 20% HP, this locket will reduce melee (not projectile) damage. The Agile Locket increases your chances of not being hit. Each strike can last if you’re under 20%, so reducing damage isn’t as useful compared to a high dodge or chance to revive.

Piercer Locket – Don’t Use >>

Archaro Piercer Locket This will give you a piercing effect when you drop below 20% HP but I can’t recommend using it. Getting the piercing effect won’t help you much unless you’re up against hordes of mobs right now and won’t keep your health up anymore. For a locket that doesn’t have a useful advantage, please ignore it and don’t flatten it!

Iron Locket – Don’t Use >>

Similar to the Bulletproof Locket but with collision damage.

It’s even worse and I can’t recommend this locket at all.

Archero Tier List Best Bracelet 2.0 >>

Archero knows how useful they can be and that none of them are ineffective when worn together. You can still be ranked.

Archero Frozen Bracelet >>

This is my favorite. You have that freeze which is really useful for not getting spammed right away and gain a feel for the room and what enemies you’re facing for a short period of time. It doesn’t deal damage, but other bracelets don’t deal damage that much so go with that freeze.

Archero Thunder Bracelet >>

This sudden lightning strike is either extremely beneficial or extremely harmful. It strikes random enemies, ranging from 2-8, and does damage that is not predictable. It’s squishy and that’s not what I like so much about it. You have situations where it strikes really hard and it works well, but in other situations, it’s simply useless. It’s second in my opinion.

Archero Quickshot Bracelet >>

The Quickshot Bracelet 2.30 update also introduces the Quickshot Bracelet, which will increase your attack speed for just a few seconds whenever you enter a new area. This is very useful as the attack rate will increase every skill and stat, while the freeze and lightning effects remain strong.

Archero Blazing Bracelet >>

The burn looks good on paper, but in reality, the burn effect isn’t that high and it only kills 2-3 enemies, making it much less effective than the freeze you get from a Frozen bracelet.

Archero Split Bracelet >>

Split Bracelet Although this bracelet had the potential to be strong, the shadow clones would vanish too quickly to make an impact. It’s still a solid choice, no question, but the above bring more bang for your buck.

Archero Invincible Bracelet >>

This bracelet can provide some invincibility when entering a new space. It is also the most useless bracelet as you almost never get screwed up. This bracelet might be useful, but it is not always useful.

Archero Tier List Best Spell Book 2.0 >>

Getting and fusing spellbooks isn’t easy, so it’s extremely important to use and level up the right ones! Although it takes some time to fill, once you have the right ones, it will give your confidence a boost.

Here’s my recommendation:

Archero Enlightenment >>

The most impact. It takes the same amount time to load all books, which will give you random skills in battle. You will be able to get your maximum Battle EXP in runes with multiple rooms. However, the book will not give you new skills. Over 50 rooms you can still get 3-4 additional skills. It is quite powerful indeed.

Archero The Art of War >>

This book will enhance the knockback effect on your projectile. It’s very effective. The details don’t tell much, but you’ll actually see an effect for every load of knockback the books add. You will get knockbacks for every book you fill. The longer you fight, the more knockbacks your enemies receive.

Archero Mysterious Archer >>

While not as efficient as the above, it’s still powerful because it can increase attack speed and attack power. It’s decent too and if you’re looking for a plain fondue you can use this book as well.

Archero Snowfield – Don’t Use >>

The least effective book that we recommend, as the freeze applies only to enemies within the room and not to all the monsters. Freeze is a similar attack enhancement to the Arcane Archer Book. However, it must be strong enough that it can keep up with all the other books.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these Archero Tier List 2022 feel free to contribute the topic if you have also comments or suggestions, comment to us.

Archero Tier List FAQ >>

Which Archero tier is the highest?

Shade, Sylvan, Helrix, Ayana, Ophelia, Ryan, Meowgwik, Onir, Phoren,

What is Archero’s most powerful weapon?

Gale ForceArchero’s strongest weapon

Which Archero character is your favorite?

Many top Archero A-Tier character ranked Ryan Meowgik Helix, Rolla, Taranis and Helix are among them.