Fortnite Annual Pass 2020 – Price & Information

Fortnite Annual Pass 2020 – Price & Information

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This guide contains all information about Fortnite’s 2020 Annual Pass. Epic appears to have decided to offer players the option to buy a year’s worth of battle passes. This bundle includes some exclusive skins so it is worth buying if you intend to play Fortnite all year.

This post contains information that has been leaked. We expect an official announcement to come fairly quickly, perhaps at the Game Awards on December 12th at 8:30 PM ET. TwitchOr YouTube.


Epic may have had an idea for this pass, but it was eventually cancelled. It appears that the pass was accidentally left behind. 11.30 patch that went live today. Although it is not clear what will happen to those skins Epic did confirm it. Bao BrosAt some point, it will be available in the Item Shop! Here’s what Epic via Eurogamer has to say:

Epic spokesperson said that discussions have been started about a 2020 Annual Pass. “Occasionally, prototype features make their way into our build and end up not being released. The 2020 Annual Pass was an option, but we don’t plan on releasing it… unlike the Bao Bros.

What is the Annual Pass?

Get the 2020 Annual Pass now to receive all the upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale Battle Royale: Battle Bundles as well as 7 Exclusive Cosmetics for the Annual Pass. Battle Bundles unlock 25 percent of the content in every Battle Pass immediately upon its release.

Although you may not get all the battle passes, you can unlock quite a few of them by purchasing the higher-tier versions. They cost 2,800 V Bucks. That would make them 11,200 V Bucks total. Epic seems to have four seasons planned in 2020. You can grab them all and still get some exclusive skins!

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Annual Pass Price

What is it all going to cost? Based on a leak, it appears that it could cost 7,800 V-Bucks.

– You have the 2020 Annual Pass! – 7800 V-Bucks have been refunded to you for the second purchase of the Annual Pass. – PLACEHOLDER TEXT 2020 Annual Pass short description


To pay the bill, you can either purchase one 5,000 or two 2,800 V Bucks bundles at $39.99 USD. The cost for all four seasons in 2020 of the battle pass and seven exclusive skins is $64.98 USD

Annual Pass Skins

According to the leaks, the Annual Pass players will receive seven cosmetics. It’s not clear if these cosmetics are only Outfits or include Back Blings or other items. These skins are part the deal, we know this:

Back Blings

These were also connected to the Annual Pass in leaks