Alpha Bunker Code (July 2022)

Alpha Bunker Code (July 2022)

Do you want Alpha Bunker Code 2022? This is the place to go for all the latest alpha bunker codes.

Alpha Bunker is one of many Army bunkers that you can see on the ingame Global Map. There are a ground floor level and 4 underground sub-levels that can be entered with a passcode “obtainable from in-game dead soldiers in resource areas or with CB Radio”.

Underground floors can be difficult for beginners. It is therefore a good idea that you bring adequate weapons and armor. This is especially true in the hard mode. Now without wasting time let’s start the bunker alpha code today.

Alpha Bunker Code 2022 >>

Alpha Bunker Code Alpha Bunker Code

A unique code is required to gain Alpha Bunker sublevels accessibility. This code can be entered into the main in-game building at the ground floor. This code key is updated every 2 days. It must be entered manually each time bunker resets (after 48hrs).

The passcode is shared by all players on an OS (IOS users have different bunker codes than Android users) and can be found at these in-game locations.

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CB Radio –You can build this in-game furniture in your homebase with a number (2/3) (or an exclamation point! icon “Dependent if you have the Dealer or the Raider Joe on the radio” will actually appear over it to notify you of a new daily bunker alfa code.

Tune in at the right frequency to see the new bunker code alfa. The door will close after two days and use the new bunker alpha codes.

Dead Soldier – This corpse can actually be found in resource zone and is marked with an X on the Mini-map. A dialogue box will be displayed with the current bunker code today after you have looted this in-game corpse. These soldiers don’t have any in-game equipment.

Alpha Bunker Code 2022 (July) >>

S.No.DateAlpha Bunker Code
1.July 01-02 61103
2.July 03-04 14326
3.July 05-06 48089
4.July 07-08 81085
5.July 09-10 13865
6.July 11-12 30052
7.July 13-14 00250
8.July 15-16 08837
9.July 17-18 80861
10.July 19-20 02698
11.July 21-22 28555
12.July 23-24 88552
13.July 25-26 86322
14.July 27-28 65601
15.July 29-30 55978

About Bunker Alpha >>

Alpha Bunker Code Alpha Bunker Code

Exploring the bunker’s lower levels can be really attractive for those who are capable of surviving its actually dangers. The bunker offers many ways to modify firearms or opponents, as well as loot-filled reward chests. Download the Last Day on Earth Survival Game now Google Play.

FAQs >>

Here are some questions & answers regarding Bunker Alpha code

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Q. Q.

Bunker Alpha codes can be changed every two days, or every 48 hours. We have provided all July Alpha Bunker codes in this post. You can simply access them by checking the link above.

Q. Q.

Zombies often drop access cards for Bravo or Alfa in Quarry Zones and Forest, at Airdrop and in Alfa Bunker.

However, you can find CAC A in-game by creating a Destroyed convoy. After inviting the raiders into the in-game house, you can find CAC A by killing the zombies in yellow and green.

Q. Q.

Alfa Bunker needs one normal m16a4 for the destruction of three small turrets. One AK47 to eliminate the second heavy turret is needed so the first one can pass.

The third heavy tower can either destroy or not, depending on whether you need in-game material. We don’t believe it is necessary. There are some melee weapons that can kill zombies using the wall trick in-game skill.

Final Words >>

We hope you enjoy this Alpha Bunker Code. We covered the entire July month Alpha Bunker Code in this post. The bunker alfa codes will change every 2 days, so make sure you use the code before they change.

We monthly update this post so don’t worry here you will get always all the new ldoe Bunker Alpha Code. You can bookmark this page for future Bunker alpha code updates.

Please feel free to ask questions regarding the Last Day On Earth Bunker Code.

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