You can now create your home. Genshin Impact. You will need to have a lot of resources, just like in most other games. This is why you will need a lot of different types of wood.

All Wood Locations

You can choose from seven types of wood Genshin ImpactYou can use each of them for different purposes or to combine them to make furniture. Serenitea Pot.

These are the seven kinds of wood that you can gather:

  • Fir
  • Bamboo
  • Birch
  • Fragrant Cedar
  • Pine
  • Sandbearer
  • Cuihua

Where can I get Fir Wood?


Visit the Stormbearer Mountains. Teleport to that Waypoint, then go west. Once you’re there, stop at every tree and start attacking with the sword.

Fir Trees are trees with tall branches and leaves that appear dark green to blue in color.

Where can I buy bamboo segments?


Head to Qingce Village to get Bamboo Segments. These are really tall thin trees which can be segmented. This is Bamboo. This is Bamboo. You will find many Bamboo Segments.

Where can I buy Birch Wood?


For Birch Wood, go to the Stormbearer Mountains, Instead of traveling west, move east. To get Birch Wood, you should hit all the Trees with a white and black-spotted trunk and yellow leaves.

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Fragrant Cedar Wood: Where to Buy


For Fragrant Cedar Wood, visit the Dawn Winery. All the trees around Diluc’s Winery in this area will give you Fragrant Cedar Wood if you attack them.

These trees are more gnarly in appearance. As you run up the trunk’s base, you will see moss beginning to grow up.

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Where to find Pine Wood


Pine Wood can be obtained by traveling to the first Waypoint. DragonspineThen you need to go after all trees with brown leaves and snowy trunks. These are the trees that you need to reach in order to obtain Pine Wood.

Where can you buy Sandbearer Wood


To get Sandbearer Wood, go to Guili Plains Or Qingyun Peak. Here are all the trees They are tall and have yellow leaves. Sandbearer wood is just a matter of giving them a good shake.

Where can I buy Cuihua Wood?


For Cuihua Wood, go to Dadaupa GorgeLook out for Apple and Sensettia Trees. These trees are small and have light-colored leaves. These two trees are the only ones that can provide this wood.

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