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All Wild Week Quests and Challenges for Chapter 2 Season 7 Wildweeks

Fortnite Wildweeks have returned! Many players will recall Wildweeks, which were introduced in Chapter 2 of Season 6 and encourage players to put their focus on specific play styles as they battle it out in Battle Royale.

Last season saw play styles that were focused on fishing and using fire as a weapon. We’re seeing new highlights in weeks 11 and 12 this season, with more to come! Below is a list of all Wildweek challenges so far.

Week 11 Challenges: Sneak Week

This week, which starts on August 19, will see all Pistols and Assault Rifles and Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles of at least Epic rarity replaced by their stealth weapons: Suppressed Pistols and Suppressed Assault Rifles and Suppressed Sniper Rifles. The challenge for this week is to deal with the suppressed weaponry.

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Week 12: High Flying Week Challenges

Challenges Week 13: Unknown name

Challenges Week 14: Unknown name

These are all the Wildweek challenges that have been completed so far. It appears that the Wildweek challenges will continue to the end, which is scheduled for September 16. This means that these XP quests will end in Week 14.

Do you need help with the season’s challenges? Our Full Chapter 2 Season 7 GuideEnjoy the Epic Quests without any hassle and get a lot of XP!

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