All Week 2 Omega Knight Level Up Token locations in Fortnite

All Week 2 Omega Knight Level Up Token locations in Fortnite

The Omega Knight Level Up pack has released the second set tokens for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. You can earn exclusive rewards with the Omega Knight Level Up Pack by exploring the map and finding the Level Up Tokens scattered all over the map. The Level Up tokens will be placed this week near the western and eastern edges of the map. You might be able collect them all with our map and the directions below.

All Week 2 Level Up Token Locations

The tokens were mostly placed at the edges of this week’s map. There are some tokens that are near trees and buildings, making it difficult to locate them. You can use the directions and map below to locate their exact locations.

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  • Sleepy Sound: At the intersection of the West Side Road and the Gas Station.
  • Sanctuary: To the southwest of The Foundation’s monument and to the southeast of Sanctuary.
  • Condo Canyon: On North Side of Town, near the gas station.
  • Rocky Reels: North of Rocky Reels, near the sign for Rocky Reels’ gas station.
  • Windbreakers: Windfarm south of Greasy Grove is located outside of the Windbreakers building.
  • Greasy Grove is located on the road north of Greasy Grove.
  • Command Cavern: Located next to the Reboot van just outside of Command Cavern’s south entrance.

The map has 14 Level Up Tokens. All 14 Level Up Tokens will allow you to move up 14 levels in Battle Pass. You’ll also unlock Omega Knight’s exclusive back bling!

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