All Teams in MC Championships (MCC) Pride 2022

All Teams in MC Championships (MCC) Pride 2022

Competitive gamers will compete for the 2022 MCC Pride. Many teams are expected to compete for the title. The championship will feature major players such as Dream and Valkyrae.

Who are the 2022 Pride MC Championships teams?

Each team has a color coded animal mascot. Each team has four players. Here’s a list of all confirmed teams participating in the competition MCC Pride 2022:

Team NameTeam MembersGreen GeckosValkyrae. Ludwig, Sykkuno. LazarbeamLime LlamasEret. Krtzyy. Ponk. SpifeyOrange OcelotsElainaExe. Illumina. GeorgeNotFound. KarlJacobs. Foolish GamersYellow YaksGrian. Shubble. GeminiTay.

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When will MC Championships Pride2022 take place in Vancouver?

Pride Month in June is the time when the 2022 Pride Minecraft Championships take place. The tournament will be held at 2pm CTD/ 8pm BST on June 18, 2022. The tournament has not yet been announced, but you can expect it to last at most for a few hours.

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