All Simple Tomb Locations at Genshin Impact

All Simple Tomb Locations at Genshin Impact

Completing the Genshin ImpactThe world’s quest Fate of a FighterIt is possible to find simple tombs by using the hidden goal. There are six total simple tombsAll are located in Inazuma and can be found on Yashiori Island. These tombs can be visited by travelers who will read the inscriptions and leave behind a Dendrobium.

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Each player who leaves a Dendrobium at six tombs is eligible for the “They Shall Never Grow Old” achievement (5 primogems). Below is a screenshot showing all the simple tomb locations. Genshin Impact.

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Tomb #1

Southwest of Nazuchi Beach. This small island is being inhabited by an NPC.

Tomb #2

Fort Fujitou Southeast of the coast, teleport point. 

Tomb #3

Higi VillagePerched on a ledge behind bushes. Slide down to the coast.

Tomb #4

Tiny island south of Jakotsu MineYou can climb up to the top of the mine and glide over to the location of this tomb.

Tomb #5

Directly Maguu Kenki east (Serpent’s Head), cliffside. You can find some bushes behind the fence.

Tomb #6

Serpent’s HeadNorth of Maguu Kenki. You will need to take extra steps to locate the tomb beneath an underground cavern.

  • First locate the head and the Electro seelies. Continue following the seelies until they are in the Serpent eyes. This unlocks the metal grate below.
  • Continue down the grate, collecting an Electroculus along the way. Then hit the switch to the inside. This unlocks the next grate.
  • You will find them in the lower room. Five switchesThere are four open doors and one reset that opens the sequence. When standing at the “reset” switch, the correct order is as follows:
    • Bottom right: 1
    • Top left: 2.
    • Top right:
    • Bottom left: 4
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  • You will need to descend into the last cavern space. Defeat the samurai inside to reach the last tomb, at which point you’ll earn the “They Shall Not Grow Old” achievement. Look for the Electro Seelie’s metal grate after you have completed the objective. Follow the Seelie to unlock another treasure chest. 
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