New Avatar items are available to unlock in the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Roblox experience. You can find the complete list here.

All Bloxy Awards 2021 Items

You can get these items by simply launching the game. Bloxy Awards 2021 Hub Experience. As of Saturday, March 27 at 2pm CT, aka the premiere of the Bloxy Awards 2021, all items have become available in the Hub Experience.

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Available Now

Here are all current Bloxy Awards 2021 Avatars. You can find more information in the guides.

Last Update: March 27, 2008

  • All items have been updated using guides.

An Award-Winning Smile

The Award-Winning SmileAll players who visit The Hall of Fame Hall of Fame will receive a Face Adapter.

Bloxy Builder’s Helmet and Construction Outfit Shirt, Construction Outfit Pants

The Bloxy Builders’ Helmet, Construction Outfit Shirt,And Construction Outfit PantsYou can obtain them for free at any of the four concession stands.

The Imagination Center

The Imagination CoreA mysterious Hat Accessory is only available to players who make a trip through The Metaverse.

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JParty Plushie

This little guy might be familiar to you from an appearance on the Bloxy Awards host… You can get the JParty Plushie shoulder accessory by using the claw machine.

Meta Explorer’s Backpack

The Metaverse Explorer’s BackpackAll players who successfully complete the scavenger hunting will be awarded a certificate.

Royal Blood Beanie

The Royal Blood BeanieAll players can get a free hat accessory from the Avatar Shop. Royal Blood, the English rock group, will be performing at the Bloxy Award. Your Royal Blood Beanie will be a warm welcome to them at the live performance

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