Roblox’s Dragon Ball Z-inspired Roblox Game Zenaki Origins exists upon a massive map that can be overwhelming at first but is relatively easy to maneuver once you get the hang of it. There are many side and story quests that players can complete to earn rewards. Continue reading to see a complete list of Zenkai Origins locations, as well as the quests they offer.


Image via Zenkai Origins Trello

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Quests and locations

This map has many interesting locations that players can discover, as you can see in the above image. While not every location marked will offer a quest I will list any that do.

  • Forrest
    • Chi Chi’s house
      • Chi Chi’s first story quest
    • First Village
      • Numerous side quests
    • Second Village
      • Numerous side quests
  • Diablo Desert
    • Desert Cave
      • Victor and Ryan can both be found in a desert cavern and will provide two quests
  • Satan City
    • General
      • Sharpner and a Officer from the Police will provide quests
  • Kame House
    • Master Roshi will guide you in the art of True Fighting and lead you to your second story quest
  • Pilaf’s Castle
    • Fightable dungeon quest
  • West City
    • General
      • Many quests are possible
    • Capsule Corp
      • Bulma, the Dragon Radar Seller
  • Korin’s Tower
    • Sacred Village
      • Small village just below Korin’s Town
    • Top of Korin’s Tower
      • Korin will guide you through your third main story quest
  • Kami’s Lookout
    • General
      • Kami will grant you the ability to meditate once she has completed her quest
    • Hyperbolic time chamber
      • Goku will assist you in training and becoming stronger
  • East City
    • General
      • An android has attacked the East City. A dying civilian will provide you with a daily quest
  • Wasteland
    • The Dinosaurs’ Home
  • Central City
    • General
      • Numerous daily quests
    • Shop
      • You can find clothes and accessories here
  • Baba Palace
    • Here is Baba, the fortuneteller
  • Yunzabit Heights
    • Namekian Island, known for its crash site. Here evil creatures are stored.
  • ??? ???
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