Genshin Impact’s roster of Pyro characters contains many diverse choices. Some characters are best known for their fire damage output, while others can be great at supporting other players. There are many factors to consider when choosing which characters to pull for or build. These are the ranked Pyro characters from Genshin Impact. The tiers are used to rank characters, so the more they climb, the better.

S Tier

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Bennett is undoubtedly one of—if not the best—characters in Genshin Impact, period. Bennett is not only the best single attack buff, but he can also play the role as healer and provide a lot of energy particles. This makes him very easy to integrate into any team. Bennett is also very cheap to construct, requiring only a high-base attack sword.


Xiangling’s ability to apply Pyro with no internal cooldown makes her the best reaction character in the game. Due to her sheer damage output, she has one of the most powerful team compositions known, the National Team. Xiangling is also capable of supporting a variety comps, such as Mono Pyro and Reverse Melt. This makes her a versatile choice.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao is more dangerous than Xiangling, but her team composition and gear are more rigid. For her to get the best from her, she needs high-demand allies such as Xingqiu, and/or shielding support. Hu Tao is a great choice if you are looking to invest in a character.

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A Tier

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Diluc, the original shining light of the DPS character has lost some luster with the newer DPS characters. Even so, Diluc is still an extremely powerful character who can take you through any content. Don’t sleep on Diluc just because newer units can take bigger damage screenshots.


Yoimiya’s inability to be as powerful and popular as her predecessors was a reason for a lot the backlash. Yoimiya is not as powerful as DPS units but she can still be very useful in single-target situations. With decent investment and the right team compositions, Yoimiya’s fireworks can be both strong and fun.

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Don’t let Klee’s cute appearance fool you. With her high damage output, this tiny terror can cause havoc on your enemies. It can be hard to get to know Klee. You will need to learn animation cancels in order to play her best. Her limited range also means you have to use a shielder or risk being hit frequently. You will still reap the benefits of a good investment in Klee with lots of explosive fun.

B Tier

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Thoma serves as a support shielder. This makes him valuable to many Pyro main DPS units such as Hu Tao or Klee. Thoma can be used as a substitute for Bennett. Thoma can also be used as a Vaporize Enabler with Hydro units such as Childe, which makes him fairly versatile.


Yanfei, a Catalyst who wields Pyro main DPS like Klee is similar to Klee. To maximize her damage output, her gimmick involves stacking Scarlet Seals. Yanfei is a viable DPS option, but she will struggle to match other DPS options, even her direct competition in Klee. Yanfei is a four-star character, so you can always get her and her Constellations.

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C Tier

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Xinyan is a rare DPS that deals physical damage. She is not an exceptional DPS, however, because of her many issues. Xinyan’s ratios and split-scaling from attack and defense are poor, which makes it difficult for her to build optimally. You can use her as a sub-DPS for support, or even as a main DPS.

D Tier

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Unfortunately for everyone’s favorite Outrider, Amber just doesn’t have much going for her. Amber’s damage and support capabilities are both bottom of the barrel. Her most useful uses are in the Overworld, where she is the torch-lighter of the best.

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