All Pixelmon Commands

All Pixelmon Commands

Pixelmon is a modded model of Minecraft that brings the Pokémon to the sport. The mod provides instructions to Minecraft that apply particularly to Pixelmon to permit gamers and folks working the servers to govern particular elements of the sport. The lists beneath present the syntax and outline of all of the accessible instructions.

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Core Instructions

/breed <participant> <slot 1> <slot 2>Provides the participant an egg that outcomes from the Pokémon specified. If the Pokémon cannot breed, the command fails./breed <participant>Makes an attempt to seek out two Pokémon within the participant’s social gathering that may breed and provides an egg if profitable./checkSpawns [specific | type]Exhibits the possibility of all Pokémon that will spawn within the participant’s space. If particular argument is added, solely checks the block the participant is standing on. If sort is added, solely spawns of that sort are proven./dynamaxband <participant>Provides the desired participant a Dynamax Band./endbattle [player]Forces the battle the participant is in to finish, if relevant. If no participant is specified, it applies to the participant that compelled the command./freezeToggles motion for all Pokémon on the earth./givemoney <participant> <quantity>Provides specified participant the desired quantity of Poké{Dollars}. Unfavorable values take cash from the participant./givepixelsprite (participant) <Pokémon>Provides the participant a photograph of the desired Pokémon./legendaryspawnAttempts to spawn a legendary Pokémon close to the participant that ran the command./megaring <participant>Provides the chosen participant a Mega Ring./pokebattle <participant 1> <participant 2>Forces a battle between the desired gamers./pokebattle2 <participant> <participant | Pokémon> <participant | Pokémon> <participant | Pokémon | NPC Coach>Forces a double battle. The primary and second arguments have one group, and the third and fourth arguments have one other group. If Pokémon or NPC Trainers are used for any argument, they’re managed by AI. Any Pokémon used within the arguments could have ranges equal to the best stage Pokémon of the one who ran the command./pokegive <participant> <Pokémon | random> [arguments]Places the desired Pokémon into the desired participant’s social gathering or PC (if the social gathering is full). If the participant is in a battle, the Pokémon is routinely despatched to the participant’s PC./pokeheal [player]Heals the desired participant’s Pokémon. If no participant is specified, it heals the Pokémon of the one who issued the command./pokereloadReloads the info from the shopkeeper and NPC exterior JSON recordsdata with out restarting the server./pokesave < all | flush | participant>Forces a save of the desired participant’s Pokémon. If all argument is used, forces a save of the Pokémon of each participant./pokespawn <Pokémon | random> [arguments] Spawns the desired Pokémon./pokestats <participant>Shows the variety of occasions the desired participant has misplaced or gained a battle./printstoreLogs temporary descriptions of all presently loaded participant Pokémon storage knowledge./psnapshot learn <file identify>Masses a set of blocks beforehand saved to a file by /snapshot save./psnapshot setSets a nook of the realm to avoid wasting on the participant’s location. /psnapshot save <file identify>Saves the blocks within the space outlined by the 2 beforehand set corners. /psnapshot placeCopies the beforehand saved blocks and locations them the place the participant is situated./psnapshot convert <file identify>Converts a snapshot created in model 1.8.9 and beneath to be suitable with model 1.10.2./redeem <fedora | fez | tophat>Permits the participant to redeem unique hat if relevant./redeem trainerhat [<red> <green> <blue>]Permits the participant to redeem a Coach hat if they’ve a linked Minecraft account./redeem <slot>Permits the participant to redeem a particular texture for particular Pokémon if relevant./redeem toggle <sash | gown | monocle | hat>Toggles a participant’s sash, gown, monocle, or hat./reloadquestsReloads all accessible Exterior JSON recordsdata for quests./resetpokestats <participant>Resets specified participant’s tracked wins and losses to 0./setparty <stage> [moves]Completely units the degrees of all of the Pokémon within the participant’s social gathering to the desired stage. Including the strikes argument prompts the participant to decide on 4 strikes from every Pokémon’s transfer pool./setstage <quest> <stage> [player]Units participant to the stage variety of the desired quest./spectate [player]Forces the consumer to spectate the battle the desired participant is in. If no participant is specified, it forces the consumer to cease spectating./struc <construction> | [<level>] | listSpawns specified construction close to the participant if attainable. If no construction is specified, spawns a random construction. If checklist argument is used, command as a substitute checklist all of the buildings that may be spawned. If stage argument is used whereas spawning a fitness center, specifies the extent of the NPC trainers inside./educate [player] [position] <transfer>Causes the Pokémon within the specified place of the participant’s social gathering to study the desired transfer. If no participant is specified, it occurs to the participant that issued the command. If no place is specified, it occurs to the lead Pokémon of the participant that used the command./switch <participant> <quantity>Transfers the desired quantity of Poké{Dollars} to instructions consumer to the desired participant./unlock <participant>Unlocks any Pokémon owned by the desired participant which can be locked by a ranch block./warpplate set <x> <y> <z>Units the warp plate the participant is standing on to go to the desired coordinates. Doesn’t work if the consumer just isn’t standing on a warp plate.

Even Extra Pixelmon Instructions

The instructions listed beneath can be found within the Pixelmon plugin known as Even Extra Pixelmon Instructions.

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/checkevs <Pokémon identify or quantity> [-c]Exhibits a listing of the EVs supplied from defeating the desired Pokémon./checkstats OR /cs [target] [slot] [-c]Exhibits a celebration Pokémon’s info and stats./checktypes OR /sort <Pokémon identify or quantity> [-c]Exhibits checklist of Pokémon’s resistances, weak point, immunities, and talents./evenmorepixelmoncommands OR /empcShows accessible instructions./fixgenders [target] [-c]Forces a Pokémon to a selected gender./partyhatch [target] [-c]Hatches the participant’s total social gathering./partyheal [target] [-c]Heals the participant’s total social gathering./randomtm [target] [-a]Provides specified goal a random TM./resetdex <goal> [-c]Resets specified participant’s Pokédex to zero entries./resetevs <slot> [-c]Resets all of a Pokémon’s EVs to zero./showstats OR /present <slot> [-c]Exhibits a Pokémon’s stats to the server./spawndex <Pokémon identify or quantity> [-f|-o|-r|-s] [radius]Spawns specified Pokémon at your mouse cursor. -f argument broadcasts a faux spawning message. -o argument the spawn an overview. -r argument spawns in a random location. -s argument makes the spawn shiny. /switchgender OR /bend <slot> [-c]Forces Pokémon to the other gender./timedhatch [target] <slot> [-c]Hatches a single Pokémon./timedheal [target] <slot> [-c]Heals a single Pokémon.

These are all of the instructions presently accessible in Pixelmon! When new instructions are added, we’ll replace this checklist. So for those who often play Pixelmon, make sure you test again!

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