All NPC Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

All NPC Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Each season of Fortnite introduces a new list NPCs that we can find to complete our NPC Library. Chapter 3 Season 1 contains all NPCs available on the map, unlike last season. But they aren’t always visible in every match. This makes it hard to locate NPCs or find them.

All NPC Locations

Below is a map that shows all of the possible spawning spots for NPCs. They might not appear at all in these locations, as stated above. It is best to visit these locations each match until you are able to see them and then speak with them. Below are instructions for more details about NPC locations.

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The Foundation will be difficult to spot due to his hostile NPC status. This is one exception for the map. The chat bubble will not show his location on the map. You’ll have to walk around until you spot him or he spots your.).

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  • The Visitor: (Multiple Locations).
  • Near the center of Sanctuary.
  • You will find the large triangular islet west from Sanctuary in the middle.
  • The Scientist: (Multiple Locations).
  • At the northern border of Sanctuary.
  • Sanctuary’s southwest edge.
  • Agent Jones: (Multiple locations)
  • Walking along the coast near the cliff that overlooks the ocean in the southwest corner of the island.
  • Near the top of the mountain, in the northern corner of the map.
  • The estuary is located in the southeast corner, on the west bank of the river that flows into the ocean.
  • Near the hills you can hear the road in northeast corner of map
  • The Foundation: You can walk around the southern section of Sanctuary, but most often in the southeast.
  • Bunker Jonesy is outside the trailer in The Joneses’ southwest corner.
  • Ludwig: In The Joneses building at the southeast corner.
  • Brainiac is in a cell under the house, in the middle of The Joneses.
  • Mullet Marauder – Walking around in or close to the building with the red roofing in the northwest corner.
  • Jonesy The One: In the small building located in the northeast corner.
  • Cuddle Team Leader: At the northern end of Camp Cuddle, in the large building with pink roof.
  • Metal Team Leader: At or near the small, gray-roofed structure south of Camp Cuddle.
  • Cuddlepool: Near or in the small pink-roofed building, south of Camp Cuddle’s bridge.
  • Quackling is in or near the small yellow-roof building, south of Camp Cuddle.
  • Guaco is located in the northwest corner Greasy Grove.
  • Lil’ Whip can be found in the large building at the southeast corner of Coney crossroads.
  • Bao Bros. Walking in or near the Greasy Grove building at the eastern edge.
  • Tomato Head: Near Greasy Grove’s large building.
  • Mancake: In the saloon south of Rocky Reels.
  • Shanta: In the northeast corner of the map, on the side that flows into the ocean (the estuary).
  • Lt. John Llama: Near the river at the top of the hill, across the lake from Logjam Lumberyard.
  • Haven: In the southwestern corner of the map, on the west side (Haven’s Oasis) of the lake in desert.
  • Galactico: In the northwest corner of Tilted towers, on the soccer field.
  • Ronin: The small IO structure at the Southeast corner of Pinnacle Peak.
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