All Neymar Jr. Quests and Rewards in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass

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Fortnite has released a series of quests that are related to the Neymar Jr. cosmetics and outfit. It is not enough to have the Battle Pass for this season. You must complete all quests to unlock all content. We’ll be covering all of the rewards and quests you’ll find in this guide.

All Neymar Jr. Quests, Rewards

While the quests themselves aren’t particularly difficult, you must complete them at locations that were unavailable prior to April 27. To help you get them done, we’ve included links to guides.

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This list contains every quest and associated reward.

  • Talk to an Island Soccer Player
    • Reward: Soccer Ball Toy, Neymar Jr. Banner
  • Completing three quests from Island Soccer Players
    • Reward: Neymar Jr. Matador loading screen
  • Five quests for island soccer players
    • Reward: Neymar Jr. Outfit
  • Neymar Jr., drop kick the soccer ball toy for 500m 
    • Reward: Joia Trophy Bling Back
  • Neymar Jr. scored a goal using the soccer ball toy. 
    • Reward: Jaguar Strike Pickaxe
  • Neymar Jr. will eliminate three of his opponents 
    • Reward: Shhh Emote (built in emote for Neymar Jr. which changes his form)

In addition to the rewards and quests listed above, there will be a Neymar Jr. Cup on April 28 that will offer its own rewards. It’s great to see the rewards living up to the hype!

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