All New Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

All New Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite Chapter 2 Episode 8 is finally here. We have not been disappointed by the lack of new content. Beyond the obvious changes made to the map, there are many new mechanics and weapons to explore. Below is a list of all the new weapons added to the game.

This list is still in development. The season will see new weapons become available, and stats may be updated. Other weapons may not be available immediately, but will likely be released later in this season.

Sideways Weapons

Sideways Rifle and Minigun in FortniteSideways Rifle and Minigun in Fortnite

While Miniguns aren’t new to Fortnite they have not been made available in Battle Royale for quite some time. These can be used to deal heavier damage but with less accuracy. These are ideal for taking down enemy structures or mowing down large numbers of enemies.

There are six types of the Sideways Minigun. They range from the simple Common Sideways Minigun up to the Mythic Boss Minigun. All of them are most common in Sideways anomalies across the map. As it heats up, this weapon will gain bonus damage!

Sideways Miniguns can also be found in the Sideways Anomalies. It can also deal bonus damage because it gets hotter as it is fired. It may deal enough damage to win the battle over an opponent even though it can lose accuracy due to recoil.

While it is not yet confirmed, there are strong rumors that they will be bringing in a Sideways Shotgun or Sideways Scythe weapon. There is not yet any information on the exact nature of the Sideways Scythe.

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Carnage and Venom Symbiotes

The symbiotes in FortniteThe symbiotes in Fortnite

Venom and Carnage are unique weapons that can be used by the symbiotes. You can either use it to grab your enemies with a Symbiotic Arm or glide with the Symbiotic Glider. It sounds like these weapons will be great for closing down the gap between enemies, and fighting up close!

Shockwave Launcher

A Shockwave Bow is the closest thing we have seen to a Shockwave Launcher. Instead of firing a projectile at your enemy with the bow, the launcher can be used to lob Shockwave Grenades. The Shockwave Launcher is a powerful weapon that will explode your enemies and expose them to gunfire with a strategically placed shot.

Slone’s Burst Assault Rifle

It is unknown if this gun will make the game, or if it can be obtained. Doctor Slone, who isn’t available as an NPC for this season’s story, may be added later. Then her Burst Assault Rifle might come with her.


Port-aPortals serve a simple purpose. They transport you into the alternate Sideways dimension. There, the rules of physics and weapons are different. These objects can be thrown and take up space in your inventory (not a trap space). They can be thrown and teleported to The Sideways by anyone within their reach.

Shadow Flopper

Shadow Floppers can be described as square-shaped fish that have two functions. They heal and transform you into a misty purple ghost. You can move faster and are harder to spot in this form. You can only attack other players if you are able to change into your original character.

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Upcoming Products

We are hearing rumors of other weapons coming at some time during the season. But we don’t know if they are true or if these are wishful thinking. We’ve heard a lot about the Spicy Splash. It works in the same way as a Chug Splash but gives you a speed boost instead of healing.

This is all we know about the season ahead!

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