All New Locations, Landmarks, and POIs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

All New Locations, Landmarks, and POIs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Fortnite has many exciting updates and season changes. This means that there are plenty of new additions to Fortnite and lots of new places to explore. The map has seen some changes, including the addition of new areas and the revamping of existing ones. Building is disabled so players must adapt to their surroundings and make the best of it. These new landmarks and places offer shelter and cover which makes it much easier.

The map is rapidly evolving from a warzone to include the Seven, who are engaged in an all-out battle. There are signs that there are craters, large airships, and military battlegrounds all around. Some locations have been redesigned with banners, barricades and other signs of war. New locations with unique features, vehicles, or surprises have been added to the map. This second season of Chapter 3 features all new landmarks and POIs.

Fortnite has new landmarks and locations


  • Coney Crossroads
  • Synapse Station
  • Rocky Reels (Revamped).
  • The Fortress
  • Condo Canyon
  • Tilted towers (Revamped).
  • The Daily Bugle (Revamped).
  • Command Cavern


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  • Outpost Ryder
  • Crispy Crater
  • Choppin’ Chateau
  • Washout Wharf
  • Outpost Dash
  • Catastrophe Craters
  • Dispatch Depot
  • Outpost Epsilon
  • The Ruins
  • Looper Landing
  • The Perch
  • Shrouded Settlement
  • Infiltrator Crater
  • Outpost Omega
  • Raven Outpost
  • Sandblast Estates

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