All New Advancements in Minecraft 1.17

All New Advancements in Minecraft 1.17

Mojang has been hard at it since Minecraft Live 2020 when they first announced Minecraft 1.17. The first 1.17 Prerelease was released on May 27, 2021. It included several new improvements to the game. Below is a listing of all the new advancements as well as their descriptions.

  • Anything Floats Your goat: You can float in a boat and a goat.
  • Apply wax to a Copper block.
  • Wax Off: Scrape wax from a Copper Block.
  • The Cutest Predator – Catch an Axolotl in your bucket.
  • Friendship is the healing power of friendship!You can win a fight by having an axolotl supporting you.
  • Make your sign glow with light
  • Light as a rabbit: Take to the powder snow with your leather boots.
  • Surge Protector: Let a lightning strike a nearby lightning rod without setting it ablaze.
  • Is it a Bird or a Parrot?: View a parrot using a spyglass.
  • It’s a balloon: Take a look at the ghast through an eyeglass.
  • Is it a Plane: Take a look at a dragon through the prism of a spyglass.

These are all the improvements that were made to the pre-release. Make sure to visit our Minecraft homepageFor more amazing content and guides, click here!

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