All Minecraft Nether Biomes

All Minecraft Nether Biomes

In those days, it was forbidden to run in or near the Nether. We would probably die in hot lava if we did. With all these new features, new biomes, and new structures — the Nether is much more interesting to traverse. We’re about to enter this dark and dangerous abyss.

All Minecraft Nether Biomes

Barish will walk us through the basics, in no particular order. Next up, the classic Nether Wastes!

Nether Wastes

Barish peering over the Nether WastesBarish peering over the Nether Wastes

The Nether Wastes are what most Minecraft veterans think of when they think about the Nether. When the Nether first appeared, these biomes matched their name — it was a (mostly) barren wasteland. Although Nether Fortresses appeared soon after the Nether, they were only temporary. The Nether Wastes contained a lot more Netherrack than the Nether Fortresses. The situation is thankfully different as you can see from the above image. Structures such as Nether Fortresses and Bastion Remnants can be found in the Nether Wastes. They also contain blocks for extracting Quartz and Glowstone.

Crimson Forest

Minecraft Crimson Forest and its inhabitants.Minecraft Crimson Forest and its inhabitants.

The Crimson Forest is just like the Nether wastes. It is one the two forested biomes of the Nether, and it has a deep red color scheme. The Hoglin and Zombified Piglin are two of the inhabitants of this mysterious forest. You can only imagine the mysterious crimson color of this forest. In this Biome, you’ll also find blocks like  Shroomlight and Crimson Nylium, as well as rare structures such as Ruined Portals and globs of Crimson Fungus.

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Warped Forest

Barish balancing on a tree in a Minecraft Warped Forest.Barish balancing on a tree in a Minecraft Warped Forest.

Barish, our brave Nether Explorer didn’t have to travel far to find a Warped Forest. It was right beside the Crimson Forest! Although the Warped Forest contains less scary aqua-colored trees, you will still hear some very disturbing sounds if you stay long enough. It is home to rare structures and blocks such as nylium (the Warped version), just like its sister biome. However, it is populated by a different set of mobs — the well known Enderman, and the relatively new Strider.

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Basalt Deltas

Barish prepared in Minecraft Basalt Delta.Barish prepared in Minecraft Basalt Delta.

Basalt Delta, according to some, is the most dangerous Biome in the Nether. This Biome is ruled by Ghasts, as well as the smaller but more dangerous Magma Cubes. The terrain is very difficult to navigate in Basalt Delta, so it is worth using a Potion of Feather Falling. Barish is seen posing casually in front of the terrain, content with his decision not to go further. This is the only location where you can find the Basalt Column and Delta structures.

Soul Sand Valley

Barish looking at some bones in a Minecraft Soul Valley.Barish looking at some bones in a Minecraft Soul Valley.

Soul Sand Valleys contain the remains of huge creatures. Skeletons often encounter large bone structures protruding from ground. Barish, as you can see from the picture, feels safe enough to mock the Skeletons by taking off his armor. Like the Basalt Delta, though, the Soul Sand Valley has some of the creepiest sounds you’ll hear in Minecraft. Although Soul Sand can be found in the Nether Wastes occasionally, you will need to visit these Biomes if you have big plans that involve Soul Sand or Soul Soil.

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The Overworld is back!

Even a brief trip to Survival Mode in the Nether is dangerous. The Nether and its Biomes are essential if you want access to useful material such as Glowstone Dust or Quartz, or to brew potions and make Netherrite Armor. You should stock up on food and gear and venture to the Nether Portal to gain access to the more advanced features in Survival Mode.

Important: Do not run in the Nether!

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