All Minecraft Fireworks and Firework Star Recipes

All Minecraft Fireworks and Firework Star Recipes

One piece of paper and one gunpowder are required to make a simple firework in Minecraft. You will need to create a star firework and add special items to your recipe to create different fireworks.

Firework stars can be made in one of two sizes. These firework stars can be made using gunpowder or dye.

The dye you use will affect the color of your firework. For example, if you want to make red fireworks, use red dye. Blue fireworks can be made with blue dye. Here is a list listing all types of fireworks you can make as well as the required dyes.

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FireworkDye RequiredSmall Ball Red FireworkTo start a firework that is red in Minecraft you’ll need a firework-star made from one color dyed and one shotpowder.

How to make a large Minecraft Ball Firework Star

You will need to add a firecharge to your recipe if you wish to make large fireballs. This will result in the same firework star recipe but with a fire charge. Fire charges can be made by mixing one charcoal, gunpowder, or blaze powder. 

How to make Minecraft Fireworks

Once you have created a firework star, which can be either large or small, and in the color you prefer, you can make it into a firework using at least one gunpowder along with one sheet of paper.

You can increase the firework’s flight time by using more gunpowder. Three is the maximum. You can also add special effects by using the items in our chart.

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Firework ItemEffect after explosionDiamondTrail effectGlowstone dustTwinkle effectFeatherBurst effectMinecraft HeadCreeper face effectGold nuggetStar effectFire chargeHuge ball explosion effect

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