All Minecraft Championship (MCC) 22 Teams

All Minecraft Championship (MCC) 22 Teams

Each year, a Minecraft Championship takes place where influencers from the Minecraft community gather to compete in different Minecraft game mode mods. These game modes will test the participants’ skills in survival, combat, and teamwork. That said, the upcoming Minecraft Championship 22 will begin on May 28, 2022, at 8 pm BST and will cast over ten teams competing to win.

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The Championship can be viewed on dozens of livestreams via Youtube and Twitch. Notable participants will include influencers such as Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and PeteZahHutt. Each of the ten teams will include four players. These are the teams and influencers that have been announced for Minecraft Championship 22. Tomorrow, the other five teams will be announced according to the official Minecraft Twitter account.

Disclaimer: The following information may be incomplete. As teams are announced, we will add more teams and influencers to the list.

  • Red Rabbits
    • GeorgeNotFound
    • Dream 
    • CaptinPuffy
    • Awesamdude
  • Orange Ocelots
    • PeteZahHutt
    • Ryguyrocky
    • Smallishbeans
    • Spifey
  • Yellow Yaks
    • Jojosolos
    • Sylvee
    • Gee Nelly
    • Blushi
  • Lime Llamas
    • Quig
    • Smajor
    • Solidarity
    • PearlescentMoon
  • Green Geckos
    • Sapnap
    • Foolish Gamers
    • TinaKitten
    • Michaelmcchill
  • Cyan Coyotes
    • Ranboo
    • Seapeekay
    • WilburSoot
    • Wisp
  • Aqua Axolotls
    • HBomb94
    • Grian
    • FalseSymmetry
    • GoodTimesWithScar
  • Blue Bats
    • TampL
    • Tubbo
    • Snifferish
    • Eret
  • Purple Pandas
    • Punz
    • GeminiTay
    • Shubble
    • Cubfan
  • Pink Parrots
    • Purpled
    • TommyInnit
    • Captain Sparklez
    • TheOrionSound

How to watch Minecraft Championship 22 (MCC-22)?

The official Minecraft Championship 22 YouTube Channel is available. Noxcrew Twitch channel You can also view the participant twitch channels at MCC Live. has you covered for the most recent guides, news and information on all things Minecraft. Mojang removes Fireflies from the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update, for realism Best Minecraft 1.16.3 Mods (May 2022)

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