All Minecraft Bosses

All Minecraft Bosses

There are only two bosses in Minecraft, the Ender Dragon (or the Wither). prefers to be thorough and will provide information about all Minecraft Bosses. Continue reading to find out more about Minecraft Bosses and mini-bosses.

All Minecraft Bosses

These will be divided into two groups:

  • Big Bad Bosses
  • Mini-boss Events

There are five situations you might be in.

Big Bad Bosses

These mobs can be hostile and hard to deal with. These mobs are rare to encounter unless you are searching for them or summoning them.

The Ender Dragon

Barish looking at an Ender Dragon.Barish looking at an Ender Dragon.

Our legendary boss! It was quite simple when The Ender Dragon was introduced. Avoid being hit, destroy End Crystals and then swing away! It has become much more difficult to defeat since then. It uses Fireballs, Dragon Breath attacks, as well as multiple phases. One of the phases can even block arrow attacks, so it is important to get close to take any damage.

  • HP: 200 (100 hearts)
  • Drops: 12,000XP (First Dragon), 500XP (Every subsequent dragon), Dragon Egg

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The Wither

Barish in front of a Wither.Barish in front of a Wither.

If you want to defeat it, the Wither is the boss you must summon first. It attacks you with floating skulls of Wither and has many features that make it difficult to fight. It heals one-half of its heart every second, and two-and a half hearts for each mob or player it defeats. When it drops below half its health it gains Wither Armor which makes it totally immune to ranged weapon attacks. Before you go, make sure to have enough health and regeneration potions. summon and beat the Wither!

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Mini-boss Events

Even though these are uncommon, they can happen! You should always be prepared for anything, especially when you are on survival or hard mode.

Piglin Parties

Barish in front of several Piglins.Barish in front of several Piglins.

Piglins will attack any person who has not at least one piece gold armor in their possession when they see you in the Nether. Piglin Brutes can attack you no matter what, even if they’re not wearing any gold armor or drops. Piglin Brutes, a stronger version of the Piglin races, can do a lot more damage if they aren’t protected. You will find it difficult to fight multiple mobs when you’re surrounded with many Piglins. It is very unlikely that they will escape as they are usually walking in groups.

Piglin Parties may not be an official event but we felt it fair to inform you. This is a common occurrence in the Nether, so be cautious!

  • HP: Piglin (eight hearts), Piglin Brute (25 hearts)
  • Drops: Golden Weapons, Golden Armor, Golden Axe

Raiding Parties

Villager squaring off against Illagers.Villager squaring off against Illagers.Image via: Mojang

Raiding Parties are only possible when players enter a village with the Bad Omen status effect. Raids will spawn multiple types of mobs, and there are multiple waves that you can fight. You will be confronted with some of the most challenging mobs in this game, including the Ravager and Evoker. Because of the number of mobs you will encounter, it is recommended that you participate in this event with several people. Fighting Illager Raids is possible with your Raids.

  • HP: Pillager (12 hearts), Vindicator (12 hearts), Witch (13 hearts), Evoker (12 hearts), Ravager (50 hearts)
  • Drops: Ominous Banner (Crossbow), Totem of Undying, Emerald
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Ocean Monument

An image of a Minecraft Elder Guardian.An image of a Minecraft Elder Guardian.

The Ocean Monument was an exciting addition to Minecraft because it was the first time Survival players could start decorating their homes with some more vibrant colored blocks. It’s also quite difficult because you must fight the Guardian or the Elder Guardian underwater. The Elder Guardian causes you to experience Mining Fatigue, which significantly decreases your mining speed. The Ocean Monument is fun to explore and offers great loot. However, be sure to bring Potions of Underwater breathing and be prepared to fight!

  • HP: Guardian (15 hearts), Elder Guardian (40 hearts)
  • Drops: Sponges, Various fish, Prismarine Shard, Prismarine Crystals

There are certainly other difficult areas and events in Minecraft, but these are the most difficult, which is why we wanted to classify them as bosses. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! has many articles that provide a fresh view on all Minecraft features. Check out our website! Best Potions and Recipes!