All Minecraft Biomes

All Minecraft Biomes

In Minecraft 1.18, world generation mechanics underwent a massive overhaul. Many biomes were added, deleted, modified, added or combined in Minecraft 1.18. This was one of the most significant structural changes that players saw. The full list of Minecraft Biomes looks completely different from what we have been used to over the years.

All Biomes

There are 50 biomes that are official part of the game. All of them are located in the Overworld.

There are biomes that exist in other dimensions, however. They are listed here, sorted alphabetically by type and dimension.

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  • Type: Dry
    • Badlands
    • Desert
    • Eroded Badlands
    • Savannah Plateau
    • Windswept Savannah (Java only)
    • Lush Caves (Bedrock only).
    • Wooded Badlands
  • Type: Temperate
    • Beach
    • Forest
      • Birch Forest
      • Dark Forest
      • Flower Forest
      • Old Growth Birch Forest
    • Dripstone Cave (Java Only)
    • Jungle
      • Bamboo Jungle
      • Sparse Jungle
    • Lush Caves (Java Only).
    • Meadow (Java Only).
    • Mushroom Fields
    • Ocean
      • Cold Ocean
      • Deep Cold Ocean
      • Deep Frozen Ocean
      • Deep Lukewarm Ocean
      • Deep Ocean
      • Lukewarm Ocean
      • River
      • Warm Ocean
    • Plains
      • Sunflower Plains
    • Stony Peaks
    • Swamp
    • Windswept Savanna (Bedrock only).
  • Type: Cold
    • Dripstone Caves (Bedrock only
    • Meadow (Bedrock only).
    • Taiga
      • Old Growth Pine Taiga
      • Old Growth Spruce Taiga
    • Windswept Forest
    • Windswept Hills
      • Windswept Gravelly Hills
    • Stony Shore
  • Type: Snowy
    • Grove
    • Frozen Ocean
    • Frozen Peaks
    • Frozen River
    • Jagged Peaks
    • Ice Spikes
    • Snowy Beach
    • Snowy Plains
    • Snowy Slopes
    • Taiga snowy


  • Basalt Deltas
  • Crimson Forest
  • Nether Wastes
  • Soul Sand Valley
  • Warped Forest

The End

  • End Barrens
  • End Highlands
  • End Midlands
  • Small End Islands
  • The End
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These are all the biomes that are currently available in the game. Check back for any changes after each update, especially if there were any modifications to the world generation.

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