All MC Championship All-Stars Teams

All MC Championship All-Stars Teams

MCC Championship All-Stars begins March 26th at 8pm GMT. It will be accessible across many streams on Twitch.

This championship will see players compete in mini-games that test their survival skills. There will be 10 teams entering the arena this year, with several Minecraft influencers both on Twitch, YouTube, and YouTube.

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Niki and Purpled are two of the most prominent influencers, along with other popular streamers and YouTubers. Here is the complete list:

MCC TeamsParticipantsRed RabbitsSapnap, Seapeekay, Nihachu?, and Eret.Cyan Coyotes PeteZahHutt, GoodTimesWithScar, RyguyrockyAnd InTheLittleWoodOcelots of OrangePunz, Purpled, ElainaExe?, and CaptainPuffy.Aqua Axolotls Hbomb94, 5up, GeminiTayAnd Antfrost.Blue Bats Quig, Preston, awesamdude?, and TheOrionSoundYellow YaksIllumina, SB737, Falsesymmetry?, and Rendog.Lime LlamasTapL, WilburSoot, Shubble?, and Tubbo.Purple Pandas Krtzyy, Sneegsnag, PonkAnd KaraCorvus.Green geckosPh1LzA, Ranboo, CaptainSparklez?, and Smajor.Pink Parrots Fruitberries, TommyInnit, Jack Manifold?, and ConnorEatsPants

How do you watch MC Championship All-Stars on TV?

You can watch the MC Championship week at any one of the Twitch streams located at the official Noxcrew Twitch channel or view one of the many participant Twitch channels over at

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