All Haven Masks in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 and how to get them

All Haven Masks in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 and how to get them

Fortnite Chapter 3 season 1 was released, and Haven has been a topic of conversation in Fortnite for the last few months. It was revealed at the start of the season that Haven would get masks. This is a common reaction from people who are obsessed with cosmetics or collectibles. These are the masks and how you can get them.

All Haven Masks

There are 30 different styles of masks. Each style has three variants. You will need to buy most of the masks with Feathers on the Battle Royale Island and complete a quest to obtain them. Only one exception is the default mask you get when you unlock Haven in Battle Pass.

All-Seeing Cat Reanimated cat Midnight Cat Elder Wolf Cuddle Wolf Primal Wolf Fire Hunter Snow Hunter Eclipse Hunter Tropical Chirper Frosty Chirper Primal Chirper Autumn Stag Skelle Stag Primal Stag Hypno Scales Hidden Scales Glowing Scales Spring Owl Primal Owl Tropical Owl Golden Scavenger Frosty Scavenger Midnight Scavenger Dream Hopper All-Seeing Hopper Frosty Hopper Friendly Klombo Hungry Klombo Grouchy Klombo

Below are all Haven Masks. You can refer to the following list to find out the requirements to purchase Haven masks.

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Mask NameCostRequirementsAll-Seeing Cat0NoneReanimated Cat15 FeathersCatch a Shield Fish, Spicy Fish, and a JellyfishMidnight Cat20 FeathersCatch fish [20]Elder Wolf10 FeathersHunt Chickens [5]Cuddle Wolf15 FeathersHunt Boars [5]Primal Wolf20 FeathersHunt Wolves [5]Masks of the Fire Hunter10 FeathersClaim Haven [5]Snow Hunter15 FeathersClaim Haven masks [15]Eclipse Hunter20 FeathersClaim Haven Masks [25]Tropical Chirper10 FeathersComplete Daily Quests [5]Frosty Chirper15 FeathersComplete Daily Quests [10]Primal Chirper20 FeathersComplete Daily Queests [20]Autmun Stag10 FeathersConsume different foraged items [3]Skelle Stag15 FeathersGather foraged articles at different Named Locations [3]Consume foraged items [25]Hidden Scales10 FeathersSlide 300mHypno Scales15 FeathersSlide continuously at 8 secondsGlowing Scales20 FeathersDeal with opponents while sliding [100]Spring Owl10 FeathersLand on a tree following glidingPrimal Owl15 FleathersGlide 1000mTropical Owl20 FlathersDamage opposing pilots within 10 secondsFrosty Scavenger10 FoethersSearch Chests [10]Golden Scavenger15 FeathersSearch Seven IO Chests [3]Midnight Scavenger20 FeathersSearch Unique Chests [2]Dream Hopper10 FeathersDrive your car, quadcrasher and boatFrost Hopper15 feathersAirtime while driving a vehicle [10]All-Seeing Hopper20 FeathersDrive 5000m in your vehicleFriendly Klombo10 FeathersRide on Klombos for 10 secondsHungry Klombo15 FeethersFeed a Klombo using a KlomberryGrouchy Klombo20 FleathersDeal damage with Klombos [50]

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All you need to know is this: Haven masks

You want more help with Haven In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Our guide is available. where to find NPC #21 Haven in Fortnite!