Squid Game was launched on Netflix September 2021. It has since taken over the internet, and not surprising, Roblox. While there have been many uploads and reuploads of Squid Game-inspired Roblox experiences over the years, none have been as successful as the one made by Trendsetter Gaming. Similar to its Squid Game counterpart the experience takes players through five of six games and executes them in an engaging way that keeps players old and new alike interested.

We’ll briefly review and run through the five most popular Roblox games in this guide. Squid Game experience.

1. Red Light, Green Light

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

The first game that players encounter in the Roblox adaptation of Squid Game is the same first game that the characters face in the show—Red Light, Green Light. The object of this game is to get from one end to the next within the set time, without being spotted or harmed by the large robot doll. Players can move across the field if they are prompted with Green Light. Red Light will prompt players to freeze all movement immediately.

Those who can cross the room without being detected by the Red Light prompt are declared the winners. Those who are detected in the Red Light prompt are removed from the game.

2. Honeycomb

Screenshot from Cheaterboss.net

Honeycomb is the second game in the experience. To survive, players must carve their desired shape within the lines. You will win if you can remove your honeycomb intact and get to the next round. You will lose if your honeycomb is cracked beyond the lines.

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3. Tug-of-war

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This is the game that brings the most frustration because it depends solely on the efforts of your teammates. To succeed in this game your team will need to click a button that appears on their screen as fast as they can—the team that is able to click the fastest, and remain the fastest, wins. Although it is unlikely that any team will lose the game or be removed from it, it is possible for both teams to click the same button.

More frustrating is the possibility that some of the losers may survive, while others will die. If you’re at the top of the rope with your team losing, it’s possible that you will be pulled off the edge. However, your teammates at either the back or front of your rope will still live to see the next game.

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4. Glass Bridge

Screenshot from Cheaterboss.net

This is where the Roblox experience differs from the show—in the show the glass bridge is the second to last game and marbles is the third to last game. These games can be flipped in Roblox. Regardless, the glass bridge is exactly as it sounds—a bridge of glass that players will need to jump across. One panel of glass per section is not strong enough to support the weight of a Robloxian or a person.

Once you reach this game there are only two strategies to win—either wait until someone runs through the course and shows you the correct path, or be the one who runs through the course and finds the correct path. Although the latter option is riskier, it’s possible and is not as difficult as it sounds. You should be able to jump quickly!

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5. Marbles

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This is the final game of Squid Game. You will need to figure out if the computer has an even number or an odd number of marbles. One marble will be given to the computer for each correct guess. If your guess is wrong, you will be required to give two of your marbles to the computer. This game is won if you have five or more marbles by the end.

Night Fights

Screenshot by Cheaterboss.net

It’s not a game but it is important to mention that between games, players have the chance to hit other players with bats. If you get knocked down entirely by someone during this time, you will be removed from any game.

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