All Daily and Weekly Punchcard Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

All Daily and Weekly Punchcard Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Although punchcards have returned to replace milestones or accolades, they function differently. Instead of achieving different levels of achievements, collectibles, or other accolades like previous years, Punchcards can be filled by completing daily, weekly and NPC quests. We list all repeatable quests for punchcards that can be completed each day and week in this guide.

Daily Punchards

Each day, you are assigned three quests for your Daily Punchcard. For each quest you complete, you earn 17k XP. These are all possible choices for these quests.

  • Complete Epic or Higher Quests. [2]
  • Complete Epic Quests. [2]
  • Complete a Legendary Quest. [1]
  • Complete quests. [5]
  • Complete Quests with Baba Yaga [3]
  • The Brat has all the Quests. [3]
  • Fabio Sparklemane offers complete quests. [3]
  • Dark Jonesy will complete your quests. [3]
  • Kor. [3]
  • Complete Quests at Dusk [3]
  • Torin offers complete quests [3]
  • You can complete quests starting in Kitbash [3]
  • Madcap offers complete quests. [3]
  • You can complete quests starting at Penny [3]
  • Complete Quests at PItstop [3]
  • Charlotte Complete Quests [3]
  • Scuba Jonesy offers complete quests. [3]
  • Compelte Quests – J.B. Chimpanski [3]
  • Toona Fish has all the quests. [3]
  • Complete rare or better quests [3]
  • Complete rare quests [3]
  • Complete uncommon or better quests. [4]
  • Complete Uncommon Quests [4]

Weekly Punchcards

You can also complete three punchcards each week. Each one awards 60k XP after completion. Below is a complete list.

  • Complete Daily Punch Card. [1]
  • With friends, place the top 10. [1]
  • Play matches with friends [5]
  • Spend Bars [500]
  • With friends, you can survive storm phases. [25]
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These are all the known quests for the Daily and Weekly Punchcards. This list will change as the Season progresses.

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