All Candle Colors in Minecraft and How to Get Them

All Candle Colors in Minecraft and How to Get Them

Minecraft 1.17 introduced a lot of new content, including goats and axolotls as well as glowing item frames. One of the most noticeable changes was the addition of candles with a wide range of colors. We will show you how to make each candle color.

You can make a normal candle using a Honeycomb, String and the pattern in the image. You don’t need a Crafting Table to do this.

After you have made a candle, you can dye it to change its color. This can be done with or without a Crafting Table. The gallery below will show you the ingredients and recipe for each candle.

A player can also be given a candle in any color by sending commands. Commands are an administrative tool that can only be used in Creative Mode by server administrators or Survival worlds where commands have been enabled. Below are the commands for each version. You can replace the word color by the color you desire.


/give PlayerName minecraft:color_candle


/give “PlayerName” color_candle

This is all you need to know about each color of a candle! Get creative!

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