Anime Fighting SimulatorThere are many bosses that players can take down together with their friends. You also have the opportunity to earn unique rewards and powers. While some bosses may be harder than others it doesn’t take much effort to defeat them all. Continue reading to learn more about each boss, their difficulty and what they can offer after their death.

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Bosses Chart

Boss NameOriginLocationPossible DropsDifficultyDemon FoxNarutoDimension 1-Tailed Mode-Spiral Shuriken-Multiple Bomb Spiral Shuriken-Tailed Monster Bomb5/10BrolyDragon BallDimension 2-Legendary Super Human-Meteor Shower-Energy Barrage-Energy Burst9/10Beast KingOne PieceDimension 3-Barrier-Kings Outburst-Blade Whirlwind7/10Masked VillainMy Hero AcademiaDimension 4-Air Cannon-Ultimate Power Combination-Impact Recoil-Springy Limbs7/10Beast MonkeAttack on TitanDimension 5- Beast Titan- Ground Smash- Rock Throw4/10Dark DemonBlack CloverDimension 5-Stomp-Beam Blast4/10Inferno (No longer available)Fire ForceAppeared after completing Revoker’s Spatial Distortion Quest-Infernal Ace-Infernal Fire Ball8/10Glem EyesSword Art OnlineDimension 1 – Corrupted Ice Dungeon-Hell Flame7/10OverlordOverlordDimension 1 – Overlord Dungeon- Black Hole-Hell Flame-Fallen Down Mastered9/10

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