All Birthday Cakes in Fortnite – Cake Locations

All Birthday Cakes in Fortnite – Cake Locations

You will need cake if you want to complete Fortnite’s third birthday challenge. They are located at various POI locations all over the map. They are easy to find once you get to the area. However, it will take some time to get to each one. If you complete all the challenges, it will be well worth it.

Fortnite: Where can I find a place to buy a birthday cake?

You will need to visit ten locations to find all the birthday cakes. These POI locations are called Doom’s Domain. These cakes are not found in the other designated areas so don’t waste time.

All birthday cake locations on the Fortnite mapAll birthday cake locations on the Fortnite map

You must go to each location and dance in front all the cakes. You can just use any emote after you get to the POI. That should be enough to complete this challenge. Also, you will want to eat cake because it will count towards the completion of another challenge.

Check out this video if you need help finding any of these cakes:

While it would be great to take a helicopter to get to the cakes, it may be more efficient to spread them out over multiple matches. For one challenge, you will need to participate in 10 matches. Jumping into different games will count towards your total.

Let’s take a look at the three birthday challenges:

  • Play Matches (10).
  • Dance in front of various Birthday Cakes (10).
  • Outlast Opponents 500
  • Birthday Cake (50), a Birthday Cake that gives you health and protection

Here’s what cosmetics you could earn by completing these challenges.