All Alien Artifact Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

All Alien Artifact Locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

Alien artifacts can be found on Fortnite Battle Royale Island. They can be picked up by players to change Kymera (one character in the season’s Battle Pass) into currency. They are often dropped each week so it can be difficult for players to keep track. Below is a map and guide that shows the locations of all Alien Artifacts so far this season.


The map below will show you the location of each artifact. Each color is representative of a different week. This legend can be found below the map.

Alien Artifact Locations up to Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 3.Alien Artifact Locations up to Chapter 2 Season 7 Week 3.

Icon Legend for Weekly Alien Artifacts.Icon Legend for Weekly Alien Artifacts.


These directions will give you more specific instructions on how to locate each artifact, based upon the map. The release date determines the order in which the artifacts are displayed.

Week 3

  • #3-1: Inside Coral Castle’s largest building. The artifact can be found near the top of the building. It is floating over a narrow stone relic.
  • #3-2: Craggy Cliffs. It’s located in the boathouse at the northeast corner of town, which has three large doors that open to the ocean. It is suspended above a hanging vessel.
  • #3-3 Can be seen from the outside in Boney Burbs It is located in the building with the most views from the outside.
  • #3-4: The building in Slurpy swamp that is attached the largest building in the complex. It is located on the second floor and can be seen floating in a corner.
  • #3-5: In the shed at the base Lockie’s Lighthouse. Note: This artifact has a glitch at the moment. You can see it in Replay Mode but not in Battle Royale.
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Week 2

  • #2-1: At the edge of the map west from Believer Beach, inside the large Discovery Dish dish.
  • #2-2: Below the steps of the Guardian Tower at the northeast corner of Pleasant Park.
  • #2-3: At The Aftermath’s north end, east of The Aftermath and south of Corny Complex.
  • #2-4: Located at the corner in Brutus’s Basin’s small pool, north of Retail Row.
  • #2-5: In the Apollo Island building, north of Misty Meadows.

Week 1

  • #1-1: The Aftermath, located at the center of The Map, just over The Water.
  • #1-2: On the steps of the Spire east at Believer Beach.
  • #1-3: In the smaller structure outside Durr Burger restaurant.
  • #1-4: The watchtower west side of the northern building at Catty Corner.
  • #1-5: To the south of the house, and to the west of The Orchard’s barn, which is north from Corny Complex.

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