Alien Parasites in Fortnite: Where to Find, What They do, Everything You Need to Know

Alien Parasites in Fortnite: Where to Find, What They do, Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite has gone all-in on major content drops with the v17.10 update. The aliens are spreading throughout the island, and the mothership doesn’t seem to be concerned about any of it. It is only right to have more alien animals, which will help the vegetation and possibly aid players in matches.

What is Fortnite’s Alien Parasite?

Fortnite Chapter 2: Invasion is the latest chapter. They steal/leech 40 health and take it from players. If the player’s health is higher than that, the alien parasite reduces the player’s health to sixty. The shields don’t get affected by the leech mechanic. Although this may seem like a disadvantage to the players it is actually a mutually beneficial relationship between parasites and the players.

Players can attach to the alien parasite to gain the low gravity effect. This allows them to have greater jump capability and permanent mobility throughout the match. Fortnite is a Battle Royale game. Players’ match paces are determined by their mobility. The parasite could be a great help.

The alien parasite attaches itself to the player’s head and has a health bar that protects them from headshots. The current meta of Rail guns makes it easy to get just one shot at the enemies. The alien parasite, which can take up to 500 damage, can be your friend, and give you another chance at life in the game.

Fortnite: All Alien Parasite Locations

Alien parasites can easily be found on Fortnite’s maps. To locate them quickly, you should search for existing wildlife, such as chickens, boars, or wolves. These parasites will be the hosts of these animals, and harming them could make the alien parasite leave.

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Players can then approach the alien parasite and it will attach to them, giving them the positive effects. You can also look for these parasites near rivers. Many players have dropped them there and they are not recoverable. It becomes a place for free collection. Many green slimes are contaminated with alien parasites, which attach to the player whenever they pass close by.

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How to Get Rid of Alien Parasites In Fortnite

There are many ways to get rid the Alien Parasites from your health and shields. They can be killed by taking fire damage, or any other damage. Fortnite players can also wash their hands in the water to get rid of Alien parasites.

As mentioned, it is easy to remove the alien parasite. Fortnite players will appreciate the benefits it offers.

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