Explore the Anime multiverse and fight your way to the top. You can improve your combat skills and your reputation among other players by taking down your enemies.

Many players still prefer to purchase VIP Private Servers in the game. They can play with friends or against strangers, and can also take advantage of the VIP Private servers that can be purchased. A private server is also desirable by some players who want to be in a less spammed environment and have a positive experience with the game. You can now join servers that are focused on your interests by using the AUT Private Server Codes below.

Our list of A Universal Time Private code codes will be helpful, but we also have other guides to help you get the most out of the game. Because AUT is a challenging game, you may have difficulty finding certain items. Our guides are available. how to get Tusk, how to get every stand and ability?, and how to get Sakuya in A Universal Time!

All Roblox VIP Server Codes List

Here are the codes for all A Universal Time VIP Private Servers.

  • tljxlmpKNJEEsLKroC
  • zoDTdbwIbxKbTxXBEH
  • yagjbzszazKQwiFQvZ

Notice: Private servers can end at any moment, and almost always do so without notice. Although we make every effort to keep the list up-to-date with only valid codes, some codes might not work. We need to know when this happens so that we can update the list or find another code.

Frequently Asked Question: Roblox AUT VIP private server

These are the top questions regarding Roblox A Universal Time private servers.

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How to join private server in A Universal Time

Screenshot taken by Cheaterboss.net

Once you’ve chosen the code for the server that you wish to join, it’s easy to connect it. These are the steps you need to follow.

  • Before you press Play, go to the main menu and click on the Private Servers button.
  • The menu will open with several options regarding VIP servers. The text box that says “Enter private server number” will prompt you to enter your VIP server code exactly as in the above list.
  • To join the server press the Join Private Server button
  • How to set up a Roblox private server

    It is more difficult to create a VIP private server than it is to join one. Roblox accounts must have at minimum 150 Robux. These Robux can be purchased or earned by trading. earning Robux. Follow these steps once you have enough Robux.

  • Open the game and click the Private Servers button to the left.
  • Click the Buy Monthly Premium button in the menu. [150R$]Then click the confirm button at bottom.
  • Enter your code by pressing the Generate button [Refreshes Code]The button is located at the top right of the menu. This will generate a code for your server.
  • Your servers code is the code it generates. Although you can refresh the code to create a new one they are almost always an random string of characters. You can copy the code and then share it with others to allow them to join your server.

    Why isn’t my A Universal Time VIP Private Server code working?

    Private server codes are not compatible with most Roblox codes. These private servers are only available for as long as their owners wish to pay. The expiration date is not set and many codes are automatically deleted. If you notice that one of the codes above isn’t working, this could be because it was closed down by the owner.

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    We regularly check for new codes. To see if our listed codes are expired, bookmark this page and come back often for updates.

    What is Roblox A Universal Time, you ask?

    A Universal Time, a Roblox game that is heavily inspired by anime, challenges you to be a strong force against evil. The game heavily draws inspiration from many of the most well-known anime series, such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The players aim to improve their fighting ability and to explore the vast universe to prove themselves to be heroes. They also learn special skills and powerful techniques in the process to become the ultimate fighter.

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