Ayaka is met face-to–face immediately. In a Prison, a Flower Blooms story quest in Genshin Impact. After completing Ayaka’s three previous wishes, which involve learning the stories from three Visionless residents, Travelers will need to rescue someone at the Inazuma City Detention Center.

You can enter the Police Detention CenterYou can go around to the Back of the buildingA golden domain light shines in this area. These are the recommended elements for this domain. Pyro & CryoPlan your party accordingly.

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After you have entered, take your time to explore each room. The Police Detention Center is a pretty straightforward domain—meaning there aren’t any difficult puzzles or mechanisms—but you’ll need to watch out for two smaller traps:

  • Hallway with two folding screensUse long-ranged weapons like a bow to destroy all folding screens in your path. You’ll need to pass the two circular mechanisms to your right, which will emit electrical currents as you pass.
  • Light-up panels flooring:Avoid the pulsating panels as they can be very harmful to your health. Run past the floor panels as soon as they “cool off”.
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Paimon will be able to see a large, locked door. This requires three magatama symbol. As you progress through the domain you’ll discover each symbol, and they will float about you once you have picked them up. There is no limit to how long the magatamas can stick to your body, as far as we know.

Although there is no boss battle beyond this giant door, you will still meet interesting people. new character

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Complete the form In a Prison, a Flower BloomsYou will be rewarded with two primogems: “Jailhouse Fiesta”, (five primogems), or “The Immovable God & the Eternal Euthymia”, (10 primogems).

This is the final quest Chapter II: Act 1 – The Immovable God, the Eternal Euthymia so you’ll be able to progress to the next Act afterwards—as long as you finish Ayaka’s and Yoimiya’s story quests first, that is.

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