5 Cool gun skins that players should own in Free Fire

5 Cool gun skins that players should own in Free Fire

Free Fire is a great place to use gun skins. This not only improves the appearance of the gun, but also increases its stats. We will be discussing the top 5 gun skins.

Five Cool and Awesome Gun Skins for Free Fire

Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter AUG

Free Fire Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter AUG

Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter AUG This doubles the gun’s rate of fire and increases accuracy. This gun was also available in 40 diamonds.

Evil Pumpkin AK

Free Fire Evil Pumpkin AK

Evil Pumpkin AK is the best skin on Garena Free Fire. This will increase the fire’s rate and double the accuracy. It cost 40 diamonds.

Cupid Scar

Fire Cupid Scare for Free

Cupid Scarf is a popular skin for guns. This skill has many benefits for stats. This skill increases damage and fire rate by doubling the rate of fire. The current price for this gun skin is 40 diamonds

Duke Swallowtail AWM

Fire Duke Swallowtail AWM Free

The Duke Swallowtail gun skin is a great choice. It can be purchased in the in game store for 40 diamonds. The Duke Swallowtail AWM Skin changes the fire rate and increases the number of magazines.

Predatory Cobra MP40

Free Fire Predatory Fire Cobra MP40

Predatory Cobra is an excellent Evo gun skin. This skin can be considered special and can be improved by increasing its level.

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